Google Pixel 9 may introduce Apple-like Satellite-Based SOS Feature

Google Pixel 9 may introduce Apple-like Satellite-Based SOS Feature

Google Pixel 9 may introduce a satellite-based emergency SOS feature, offering safety solutions similar to Apple's innovation.

Google is planning to introduce a satellite-based emergency SOS feature in its upcoming Pixel 9 smartphone, similar to Apple's implementation in the iPhone 14. This feature could support individuals in emergencies and allow them to seek help when traditional communication methods fail.

Apple's emergency SOS feature, launched in 2022, has already proven its worth in various real-life scenarios. Inspired by its success, Google is reportedly developing its own version of satellite-based emergency assistance for Pixel devices. Initially, the feature may be available only on the Pixel 9, and it's expected to expand to other models, including future versions of the Pixel Fold.

How Google's Satellite-Based SOS Feature Could Work

According to Android Authority, Google's emergency SOS feature may function similarly to Apple's by partnering with T-Mobile for satellite connectivity, with plans to collaborate with other providers in the future. When activated, the system could ask users a series of questions to assess the nature of the emergency, such as:

- What happened?

- [Are you/Are they/Is everyone] breathing?

- In total, how many people are [missing/trapped]?

- What best describes your situation?

- What is on fire?

- Do any of these apply?

Users could answer these questions quickly by selecting predefined responses, expediting the process. Once the questions are answered, the feature may enable users to communicate with emergency services to request assistance. Additionally, users could alert their emergency contacts to notify them of the situation.

The feature may allow users to send text messages via satellite in addition to emergency assistance. A Satellite Gateway app could facilitate communication with emergency services, streamlining responses in critical situations.

Next Steps for Google's Emergency SOS Feature

The Pixel 9 is expected to be the first Google smartphone to support this new satellite-based SOS feature, thanks to the Exynos Modem 5400 with NTN support. Google may also roll out the feature to subsequent Pixel models, such as the next-generation Pixel Fold.

It's still being determined whether the SOS feature will extend to the Pixel 8 and older Pixel models. Additionally, Google has not officially announced the emergency SOS feature for the Pixel 9, so further details will likely emerge once the company makes an official statement. In summary, Google's Pixel 9 aims to introduce an innovative satellite-based emergency SOS feature to improve user safety and communication in crises.

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