1Point5: A Specially Designed Application To Maintain Social Distance

1Point5: A Specially Designed Application To Maintain Social Distance1Point5: A Specially Designed Application

The deadly disease Coronavirus has made everyone to sit at home.

The deadly disease Coronavirus has made everyone to sit at home. As the whole country is in lockdown mode, even employees have been ordered to work from home. Even then the positive cases are rapidly increasing and the situation is slowly becoming dangerous.

Coming to the precautionary measures of this disease:

  • 1. Self-Hygiene
  • 2. Social Distance

First, one needs to be maintained by washing hands for every hour with a liquid hand wash or sanitization of hands frequently.

And the second one, it is done by staying far away from the people. In the lockdown period it is possible, but after the lockdown what will be the situation. How to maintain social distance???

Worry not! The tech gurus have come with an app solution naming it as '1Point5'. This app will help you stay away from other people…

Confused??? Well, let us explain in detail…

• First, you need to download the 1Point5 app from the play store and then install it. You need to give all the required permissions to this application.

• Next, you will find the 'Get Started' option. Click on it and then you need to set the important feature. Now you need to decide that, when should your mobile should warn you… That simply means you need to select the distance in metres(1, 2 or 3) and then your mobile warns you accordingly when the people come closer to you as per your settings.

• This application works on GPS and Bluetooth. So, you need to keep them ON always when you step out.

• This makes you maintain the social distance from the people. If anyone comes near you, then your mobile alerts you by sending a warning bell or alarm sound.

• You can even add the mobile numbers of your family members and make them stay out of it.

• But if you need to get the alert, then the other person who comes near you should also have this application.

• Unlike ArogyaSethu, it doesn't link with your personal details, this app restricts itself for social distance itself.

What an intelligent solution by tech gurus… This simply superb and the best solution for maintaining 'Social Distance'…

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