Why Samsung and Xiaomi are trolling Apple?

Why Samsung and Xiaomi are trolling Apple?

Why Samsung and Xiaomi are trolling Apple?


Rival firms Samsung and Xiaomi are making fun of Apple for not including a charger and earpods in the iPhone box.

This year Apple took an extreme step by announcing that it won't offer a charging adapter and earpods inside the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro models boxes and all others going ahead. While the purpose of this move was to reduce the carbon impression, it's Android rivals found a reason to take a hit at it. Also, the first originated from Samsung. The South Korean tech firm took it to Facebook for trolling the iPhone manufacturer.

The post showed an image of the Samsung Galaxy Fast Charger adapter with a text above "Included with your Galaxy." Also in the description, the company's official page posted that "Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen on a smartphone."

And keeping in mind that this wasn't a sufficient 'burn' for Apple, another famous Android smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi took a hit at the move. On Twitter, Xiaomi posted a video promoting its newly launched Mi 10T Pro with a description "Don't worry, we didn't leave anything out of the box with the #Mi10TPro." The video shows a Mi 10T box, which when unboxed showed a charging adapter upfront.

But all the jokes apart, why is Apple doing this? It's because the company is stressing to cut carbon emission and recover the environment. Apple has claimed that by 2030 the entire firm will be 100% carbon emission-free. So, by eliminating accessories, Apple says it can reduce iPhone packaging by 70% and at the same time ship more stock.

In future, we might see other brands making a similar move as well. And this may include both brands like Samsung and Xiaomi. Though, as of now, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro users get a Type-C to the Lightning cable inside the box as the single accessory. They can distinctly get the MagSafe Charger to charge their handsets at 15W speeds, wirelessly.

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