Hyderabad: Rains hit veggie markets hard

Rains hit veggie markets hard

Rains hit veggie markets hard


  • The non-stop rains have flooded all the markets in Old City
  • The vendors are at a loss as they don’t have place to set up business
  • Garbage has piled up in the market
  • There is no place to walk also, hence customers are avoiding the markets
  • Vendors demand concrete stalls and roads in the market

Vajpayee Nagar: Garbage piled up in graveyards emits the foul smell in VajpayeeNagar. As the day passes by, piles of garbage are increasing in the graveyard and monsoon rains become a huge problem . Piles of garbage have sprung up everywhere and water stagnation too has become bothersome as it is causing insects problem.

Add to it, snakes are also being sighted in the water. Mosquitoes are swarming into homes, leading to fear of seasonal fevers and ailments. Water stagnation has become an alarming issue with the drains overflowing even after a little drizzle. There is also a bad smell in the neighbourhood. "If no one cares, things might go out of hand. There is an utmost need to attend to the drain and garbage issue," said Dinesh Kashyap, a resident of Vajpayee Nagar.

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