Karimnagar: Unfinished road works cause accidents

Karimnagar: Unfinished road works cause accidents

Contractors stopped expansion of Vemulawada-Karimnagar road into four lane road, demanding increase in estimated costs.Electric poles in the middle of the road posing danger to motorists.

Karimnagar: Expansion of Vemulawada-Karimnagar road to a four-lane one has become death trap for commuters, especially two-wheeler riders.

The road works had started three years ago at an estimated cost of Rs 88 crores. Vemulavada-Karimnagar and Vemulavada-Kamareddy road is divided into three parts. The contractors stopped road works, demanding hike since all the prices and Wet Mix have increased since the project has started three years ago.

This made the journey between Elagandal village to Odayaram village, which stretches to 14 km, hell on earth. It is not exaggerating to say that on an average 12 accidents per day will occur at Baopeta village bus stop. In most of these accidents, people became crippled.

Another reason for the repeated occurrence of accidents is electric polls standing in the middle of the road due to the road widening. Though R&B department had paid Rs one crore to TRANSCO for removing the electrical polls.

But there was no action from TRANSCO department, causing a big risk for motorists.

On the other hand, Vemulavada-Karimnagar road with several potholes causes severe inconvenience to the travellers.

Unfinished canal structures near Odiyaram and Nagulamaliyala villages to control rainwater overflowing on roads are posing a threat and causing accidents.

Boinpally ZPTC Konkati Lacchi Reddy and DCMS chairman Muduganti Surrender Reddy demanded the officials concerned and the State government to complete the road works at the earliest to prevent accidents and human loss.

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