Officials closely track people for 2nd dose

Officials closely track people for 2nd dose

Officials closely track people for 2nd dose


Apart from counselling those who have taken first jab, they are allaying apprehensions through call centres

Koti : In order to ensure all the first dose vaccinated people take up the second dose vaccination without fail, medical and health authorities have formed a panel to track the recipients of first doaseand put in place a follow-up system through phone calls for authenticity.

The public health department says the second dose is compulsory in order to fully develop antibodies to stave off the coronavirus.

Explaining how the covid panel works, Srujana, Deputy Health Officer, Rajendra Nagar, RR district, said "Medical officers are tracking all those who took the first jab and are ensuring that they take up the second one. So far, 9,981 people in Rajendranagar mandal took the first dose and 2,560 have taken the second dose.We are trying our best to ensure everyone gets vaccinated."

Another medical officer Bindhu said, "At least 20% of people who have taken the first dose of vaccine are not willing to take up the second dose as the first dose of vaccine gave rise to relatively low level of immunity as per the antibody titres in the blood and we observe that immunity is substantially strengthened after the second dose. The vaccine is highly effective in preventing even mild infections that cause symptoms and so we insist on the second dose to the people for their safe health."

"We have turned as counsellors to explain the benefits of vaccination and bust the myths being rumoured on social sites. It is challenging to make people understand when such myths are being spread on large-scale but somehow we are able to convince 70% of the people and are following up with others who express fear of side-effects says," Nagaraj, Medical Officer, Serilingampally.

Medical officers also setup a call centre team to provide counselling and necessary support to people regarding the covid vaccination.

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