How One Can Register Vintage Cars in India: Centre has Issued Draft Rules & formalized the process

Vintage cars (Photos/Navrang India)
Vintage cars (Photos/Navrang India)

  • The vintage car owner would be now able to retain their old vehicle number.
  • Fees for new registration, it would be around Rs. 20,000.

Registering old, vintage cars would be easy now, as the centre has formalized the process. Nitin Gadkari, Union minister, had confirmed that, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways had proposed a formal registration process for these vehicles.

As per the proposed rules, the vintage car owner would be now able to retain their old vehicle number, if it is already registered or it would be offered a new and unique VA series number, if one wishes to register a vintage car afresh, after the new rule kicks in.

The format for the registration mark would be XX VA YY**** where VA stands for vintage, XX would be the state code, YY would be the two letter series and **** is a number from 0001 to 9999 allotted by the state registering authority.

When it comes regarding the fees for new registration, it would be around Rs. 20,000, while for subsequent re-registration, it would be around Rs. 5,000, the registration would be valid for a period of 10 years. All the applications for registration of vintage cars would be permitted on the government's "PARIVAHAN" portal.

The draft rules does define, vintage motor vehicles as all those vehicles, which are 2 wheelers as well as 4 wheelers and they are more than 50 years old from the date of their 1st registration. This also includes vehicles imported from other nations as well.

The above rules come with a rider, though; it states that no substantial overhaul of the vehicle, including any modification in the body shell of the engine or chassis would be considered for registration.

The decision to formalize the above process comes 8 months after the centre had announces its intention to get changes in the process that would help vintage car owners to easily register their vehicles. Earlier there existed no rule to regulate the process. The centre has stated that, its aim it to preserve the heritage of such cars by legalizing its presence on roads.

Nitin Gadkari has stated that, " with the aim to preserve as well as to promote the heritage of vintage vehicles, MoRTH has formalized the registration process of vintage motor vehicles in India.

The centre has also invited suggestion for the above proposed rules with registering vintage vehicles from public. In a statement, Gadkari's ministry had stated that, "The Ministry of Road Transport & highways has published GSR 734(E) dated 25th November, 2020, thus seeking comments as well as suggestions with regards to amendment to Central Motor vehicles rules (CMVR), 1989, relating to Vintage Motor Vehicles.

Presently Vintage Vehicles are permitted on roads only for display or rallies. They can also be taken out for refueling as well as maintenance.

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