Ankita Bhargava Gets Emotional Sharing The Story Of Her Miscarriage

Ankita Bhargava Gets Emotional Sharing The Story Of Her Miscarriage
Ankita Bhargava Gets Emotional Sharing The Story Of Her Miscarriage

It is said that “pregnancy’ is a God’s gift for all the ladies…

It is said that "pregnancy' is a God's gift for all the ladies… The moment they know that they are pregnant, every to-be-mother feels like she is in heaven and shares this happy news with her dear husband and parents. Then the journey of the to-be-parents begin with this great news and all their topics begin and end with their 'Baby'.

Those nine months for a mother will always be remembered in her life and they are precious moments too. A 'Baby' is a blessing in disguise and every couple wants to welcome their child happily into their lives.

But sometimes, everything goes out of our hands and some of the unlucky mothers lose their baby with unfortunate miscarriage… The same thing happened with the small screen popular couple Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava. This couple married on 3rd May 2015 and gave birth to their beautiful daughter Mehr in December 2019. They both are happy now enjoying their time with their little angel.

But before giving birth to Mehr, Ankita had to face a miscarriage and this sad story of her life made us go teary-eyed. Ankita took to her Instagram and shared that she suffered a miscarriage in June 2018.

After two years of miscarriage, Ankita reminisced all her pain and penned down her sad journey and doled out how Karan and she dealt with it…

In this post, Ankita is seen happily holding her little girl Mehr with a winsome smile. But the note she added with her post, made us hold our heart heavily… She jotted down her sad tale of miscarriage and made her fans know the journey of her rough patch. Ankita recalled the unfortunate day and made us know how the couple dealt with the loss and how her husband Karan stood as a support system. She added a couple of screenshots of her writings and penned down the whole story with much courage.

She also added a few words, beside her post and made us know how she took the courage to shar this post, "Technically i wrote this a few days ago, But it took me time to muster up the courage to make this post!

This is by far the most personal post that I'm ever going to write, With hopes that i can make at least a little difference in someone's life...

At first, i didn't want to talk about it to anyone at all...

But then after having counselled more than TWO DOZEN women over DMZ on Instagram all over the country,

I realised it is time I openly talk about 'MY MISCARRIAGE'

The most important takeaway for me from this experience was...




I hope this helps... 🙏

Hope Ankita overcomes all her pain and lives happily with their little angel Mehr…

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