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Fashion designer Kunal Tanna's latest collection 'Tracing the Evolution of the Human Mind', underscores the transition from deep-rooted scars and broken dreams to a buoyant and vibrant lease on life.

Tanna delves deeper into form and function, moving away from wedding finery to an elegant, everyday wardrobe, demonstrating the power of a tailored bomber, light-as-air Mandarin shirt and colour-balanced co-ords. Each piece is an extension of one's multi-faceted personality, the good and the bad, the pure, and tainted. Edgy, raw details seamlessly blend into rich textiles and innovative textures.

This season Tanna made his collection with handpicked colours from myriad experiences; burnt orange borrowed from sublime sunsets, sage like the inner workings of a verdant forest, chai in the hue of your grandmother's afternoon delight; ocean grey mirroring a sea-front villa; tan like your happy holiday glow – all for you to indulge in the summer of a lifetime.

Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us about your latest collection?

It has always been my state of mind that guides me to derive inspirations and build concepts. In the past, there have been a lot of travel experiences...this time it was an emotional journey that provoked me.

'Tracing the Evolution of the Human Mind' is a story of transition from deep-rooted scars and broken dreams to a buoyant and vibrant lease on life. Pain converted to positivity. Open wounds lay bare. A mind, soul and body healed, transformed and ready to go. Much like the clothes themselves, that breaks away from stiff structures to comfortable silhouettes leaving you with unbridled freedom.

The collection is based on an emotional journey of survival. Often life tends to push us in a ditch and we seem to reach our rock bottom, but then they say the only way out from rock bottom is to rise upwards. Hence bearing the wounds of the trauma you survived and wearing your scars as medallions by rejoicing the epic feeling of one's rising out of their chaotic battles. The emotions bring us back to our organic roots to sooth and comfort. This translates into ensembles silhouetted in comfort structures using our in house developed textures on organic coarse fabrics in mulled hues reflecting a person's struggles.

What is the latest trend in menswear?

What I find about menswear is that classic elements constantly remain relevant. Nonetheless, menswear is ever emerging; going organic and using natural fabrics is a popular trend at the moment.

Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

Being from a family of textile developers, fashion was a natural pursuit. What pushed me to take on this path were the creative inclinations that came out at a young age. They acted as an additional catalyst and really opened my interest to the field.

What is your favourite part about being a Fashion Designer?

The most encouraging part of being in the chaotic world of fashion is being able to draw inspirations from various facets of our lives. Our stories and journey help us ideate a concept story and develop collections. The personal touch you can bring into this job is one of the most inspiring elements of it.

What is your inspiration while creating such designs?

My mood usually is the main driving force for when I am in the creative process of designing. It is very much dependable on life experiences embossed from countless travels and instances that have inspired me thoroughly.

What do you consider are the important facets of the fashion industry?

I strongly believe that Fashion Communication is a crucial and key element to what attributes to the important facets of the fashion industry.

How would you describe your personal style?

The perfect way to describe my personal style would be minimalistic and classic. I believe that less is always more.

What is your most memorable Fashion moment?

One of my greatest memories was winning a national level award for my graduating collection and meeting the inspirational Abdul Kalaam for the same.

The top three things in your styling kit that are must-haves.

Classic lace-up shoes, a pair of Wayfarers, and a well-fitted shirt (black or white). These three elements are essential for a man's wardrobe.

How is working in fashion different today than from when you started out?

The fashion industry today is no longer just about designing. It has evolved to become an outlet for business, communication and many other aspects, making it the progressive industry it is.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social media has taken the world by storm and it especially impacts the fashion industry. It is the most effective and quickest method of communication in today's times. It's the backbone of Fashion Marketing and PR.

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