Fasting the right way!

Fasting the right way!

A good fast is about restraint and eating small amounts of fresh seasonal and permissible foods…

Fasting in some form or another is practised across all religions. I've come to understand that the religious connotation behind fasting is that it is a means of self-control and an attempt to get closer to your Maker.

Fasting has been advocated since ancient times amongst all communities. Come spring, periods of fasting begin for various religions. Although most religions advocate fasting once a week, specific months have been allocated for longer fasts. For Hindus, it is 'Shravan', 'Chaturmas, Navratra', for Jains is it 'Chumasa', 'Ambel' and 'Paryushana', for Zoroastrians it is 'Baman Mahina', for Catholics, it is referred to as 'Lent' and for Islam it is known as 'Ramzan'.

A good fast is about restraint and eating small amounts of fresh seasonal and permissible foods. Unfortunately, I have observed that today, people are overeating when they break their fast as mentally, they feel they have been deprived of eating which completely defeats the purpose.

I definitely advocate fasting, but it is not about feasting. It is the simplest way to give your entire mind and body a time to rest, purify and rejuvenate. I urge people all around the world and in India to understand the importance of fasting.

During fasting, there are some things which you must keep in mind. You must make sure that you are not dehydrated and so before you begin the period of fasting you should be well hydrated. It is worth noting that the method of breaking the fast is more important than the fast itself.

Clients often use wrong methods to break their fasts and this could lead to them harming their digestive system. I recommend that one should break their fast only with water, sipped on slowly. Gradually, they should go on to other foods. See that the plate has enough permissible vegetables, smaller amounts of grains and other foods. Your meals should be very well balanced so that your electrolytes do not fall. All this should be cooked in good quality fats whether it is cow's ghee, coconut oil or cold pressed seed oils. Whether you are having one, two or three meals see that whatever food you eat is local, seasonal, and preferably organic.

When you fast well, you will reap the benefits of a positive mind, and see retardation and reversal of diseases. Energy levels will be elevated.

Fasting is one of the most important of all-natural remedies. Our hectic schedules give the body no time to rest and we are eating processed and junk foods day after day, overworking our digestive system. Fasting works as a highly efficient method of relieving the body that has been overloaded and consequently turned toxic. It assists our body to throw out the toxins and refreshes the being, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Unfortunately, the essence of fasting is lost and often people fast to achieve something they desire or to look better aesthetically. I remind them that it is for a much deeper reason as fasting is a cleansing device, overhauling and purifying instrument.

Addictions to drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and caffeine are examples where fasting can dramatically reduce the often-protracted withdrawal symptoms that prevent many people from becoming drug-free.

With true fasting, all important organs are given a rest. It is an established fact that people do not die of fasting, rather they feel much better. Fasting heightens your awareness. Ideally, it should teach you to eat as much as the body requires and not a morsel more.

I encourage you to fast responsibly and change feasting into fasting. Go ahead it's simply simple.

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