This celebrity wife mixes immunity drinks for kids

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor with kids

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor with kids


Mira Kapoor shares tips on how to build your kids’ immunity, reveals her lockdown discoveries

Mira Kapoor might have her heart and soul in Mumbai where she resides with her husband actor Shahid Kapoor, but the Delhi girl still loves her Dilli street food. The celebrity mother admits with time she has become more mindful about her food choices for herself and her family.

Mira, who has collaborated with Tata Sampann for a session on how spices help build immunity, speaks on all things food. She gives advice to mothers on how they can build their kid's immunity.

Mira shares, "I am a big foodie and my preferences have evolved over the years. Earlier I used to eat a lot of junk food and I feel that a part of me still loves Delhi street food and momos. But, these days I have become more mindful of what I eat. It is not just about the cuisine, it's more about the produce that is being used to cook our food, whether it's organic, is it seasonal, is it sustainably farmed, my choices regarding food have become more mindful now. Now I think food for me has become a lifestyle, before it used to be something fun that I used to look forward to."

One kadha that she has is haldi, ginger, and black pepper in hot water. It helps to spice up the health and boost immunity.

She adds, "I prefer using Tata Sampann spices in my kadha because they keep the natural oils intact which is very important. I have always been interested in health, wellness, and now recently with the whole Ayurvedic way of cooking. Indian food has always been wholesome, it consists of grains, spices, seasonings, vegetables, dairy products for protein, and some pickle or chutney, which makes our food automatically balanced. One does not need to pay a lot of attention to ensure that the food is nutritious and tasty."

Mira says now she has become more mindful of what we all eat. It is not just about the cuisine, but it is all about what is the product that is being used to cook it. Her choices regarding food have become more mindful now.

Her topmost advice would be to start young and to involve your kids in the process of making these home remedies, she thinks when one gets kids excited about things that's when the kids get the most benefit from it.

"I give my kids things like amla juice and haldi doodh regularly and we started all this when they were really young. So my advice for all mothers would be to inculcate natural remedies that you may have and those that our mothers have taught us and start early, because when they grow up, get into school and see their friends making faces it gets more difficult," concludes Mira.

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