Connecting India geographically, economically and culturally

Connecting India geographically, economically and culturally

Bharat is a unique country in many ways including its geography. Its location is such that it is situated in the heart of the world that is hridaystha.

Bharat is a unique country in many ways including its geography. Its location is such that it is situated in the heart of the world that is hridaystha. Hridayam can be split as hrah+dh+yam. Hrah meaning harathi that is to root out the bad things Dh meaning dadati that means give it back as good Yam meaning yathi that is to revolve.

This is how the heart functions in a body and keeps it as one .This is how Bharat functions in the past it took in everything and give back all the good to the world and the world revolves around Bharat and this is how we should function in the future also.

Bharat is a country is already geographically connected and we can make this connections stronger by laying down roads and connecting the various sports to programmes like Sagarmala.

The population could be more connected by assuring them that where ever you go in this part of the country you will have equal access to all the facilities and still we treated as the children of this country.

Our population… is amazing and dynamic population as any country with good population will be empowered with a good human resource. That is why the population of our country is the pride of nation and that is why the population should be culture.

What is culture? Culture or Sanskriti is something that is born from within which is why it has got to do nothing with caste, creed or religion.

Which is why we need more policies which is like 10 per cent reservation which is not on the basis of majority, minority or cultural beliefs but just on the bases of common needs of the people that brings us together as 'one'. So in the population is one when a Sanskriti is established it leads to a good economy. How?

The biggest problem the Bharat is facing now is economic disparity in terms of GDP in different states which again arises because of the different geography and culture of each state.

So when we bridge the gap between this two that even the most important difficult policies like One Nation One Tax , Demonetisation bringing down the black money becomes more easy to exercise and hence when a nation is geographically connected the population becomes one when the population becomes the one, our Sanskriti is established.

With a good Sanskriti we have a common code of conduct it becomes easier to government to govern leading to an equal empowerment of all the states thereby leading to the equal empowerment of the nation. When this happens despite staying in Bharat nobody will have an anti-Indian thought. You know, 'no tukde, tukde' gangs!

You might ask me whether is this possible idea in today's world I would very proudly say 'Yes' and the best example that I can give to you is this very programme the National Youth Parliament festival.

Just like in the past, Adi Shankaracharya ji started from the South and connected the entire nation, here we are from different nooks and corners of the country and different cultural backgrounds and yet sitting together as the new voices of India for a strong and united Bharat.

My dear brothers and sisters, the world is looking at Bharat like it had never looked at us before. Do you know why?

'Yeh naya India hai yeh kahi gusega bhi aur marega bhi'. Wherever we go, may it be in any field, economy, technology, terrorism, wherever we go India will strike so hard that the world will not forget us anytime soon.

So, I call upon all of you to connect Bharat, to be a part of a stronger and united Bharat.

So, as the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee said: 'Our aims may be as high as the endless skies, but we need to have a resolve in our minds, and walk ahead walk hand in hand, for victory will be always be ours. Bolo, Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Jai Hind!

(Transcribed from the speech made by the speaker during the National Youth Parliament Festival, 2019 at New Delhi)

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