Be sensitive to peace, let it come first

Be sensitive to peace, let it come first

You may ask, ‘why is so much importance given to peace?’ The very first reason to give importance to peace is that it is just what ‘is’

You may ask, 'why is so much importance given to peace?' The very first reason to give importance to peace is that it is just what 'is'. It is your natural state which you can access easily. But it is so shrouded in ignorance that only the symptoms of the absence of peace can be seen.

When the veils of ignorance are removed, you will realise that you are not supposed to be peaceful — you are peace. It is your nature. The more you operate from this natural state, your sensitivity increases and so does your level of understanding.

Your clarity about everything happening to you and all around you, increases. By reminding yourself and by accessing the peaceful, natural state, you attain supreme consciousness.

The second answer to the question, 'Why peace is important? 'is that only when you are in peace, do you experience true happiness. This happiness is true happiness which is arising from within and is not dependent on external causes.

From this state of well-being, one gravitates towards love, creativity, harmony, abundance, vitality, tranquillity and self-expression effortlessly.

It is an effortless effort. The third reason to value peace is that when you are in the happy natural state of peace, unnatural tendencies and wrong habits disappear. Unhappiness and conflict go away.

As you begin to value peace and be more peaceful, you start becoming free from all the defilements or evils of the mind such as anger, hatred, violence, malice, greed, obsession, jealousy, fear, insecurity and all other undesirable qualities.

Another reason for giving importance to peace is that it is not only your natural state, it is everywhere. So, you begin experiencing oneness by being aware of this. The more you are established in peace, the more is the love that flows for others.

This love is true love, unconditional and unlimited. Thus, by being peaceful, you allow love to expand in the universe.

One more reason for valuing peace is that a highly evolved society can be formed when everyone accesses and operates from a state of peacefulness. Imagine a society where importance is given to the common thread of consciousness in all religions rather than sectarian beliefs and myths.

Imagine a society where movies and media promote happiness, non-violence and love. Imagine a society where children are taught how to access the peace within and youth are taught how to enhance their character with kindness and compassion. Such a society is possible. Such a society is on the anvil if the peace within us is accessed.

In today's technologically advanced world, unhappiness and conflict have become a habit. When one experiences unhappiness, instead of looking for a way to permanent peace, he tends to complain more. That is why, when you are unhappy — put peace first. Get off unhappiness immediately, let it not become a habit.

Man first creates suffering and then finds quick ways to get out of it. Because of this predisposition, he keeps inviting suffering without any reason. Putting 'peace first' means developing a habit of putting serenity and happiness first.

The moment you become unhappy, remind yourself and switch. When you are at peace, your level of consciousness is high. When your level of consciousness increases, you become more sensitive.

You are able to interpret the subtlest of hints that life gives and understand the slightest pain of others. Putting peace first means you are sensitive to peace. - Sirshree

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