Many learning lessons for Naidu

Many learning lessons for Naidu

The poll results in A. P. should be a great lesson to all the politicians.

The poll results in A. P. should be a great lesson to all the politicians. In "Bharadwaja Smruti", it is said that a king (leader), should never create enemies.

For the TDP 's ignoble defeat, Nara Chandrababu Naidu alone should be put to blame.

Somehow for the last 6 months, Naidu has been taking wrong decisions one after another. The first one is his involvement in Telangana State assembly elections.

What was the necessity? However, he should have limited to his party candidates. His association with the "born enemy", the Congress, and forming a "Mahagatbandhan" was the greatest blunder.

No Telugu voter, both in AP and TS. liked that decision. His going to Karnataka too was not digested by the people. His statement that it was a "democratic necessity" is simply foolish.

Did he consult his own party colleagues, if not public at large, before taking such a stupid decision?. Next blunder is to disassociate with NDA.

just five months ahead of elections. He could have taken a decision after the elections. Belittling every one, Jagan, KCR, Modi et al is another blunder.

Modi has established himself as a world class statesman, having received standing ovation in almost all the countries, including the Muslim nations. Can a small state leader one who repeatedly took U turns, fight with him?.

His last-minute distribution of favours like old age pensions, widow pensions, unemployment aid, Anna canteens etc did not work. People are not such fools to take them for granted.

Claiming the Central 10%O.B.C reservations, for Kapu reservation too didn't work. His reaction immediately after the attack on Jagan and murder of. Vivekananda Reddy, uncle of Jagan, was repulsive. It is unbecoming of a leader of his stature.

Even people who are sympathisers of TDP. were very much hurt by his silly statements Anointment of Lokesh as an M. L. C. (backdoor entry into politics), and making him a minister soon, is the worst blunder.

Like the proverbial several reasons for the death of Karna, there are many reasons for the utter defeat of T . D. P. Mainly Babu alone is to blame.

The reality is negative vote for T. D. P, that made Jagan to win. People voted with vengeance to YSRCP, rather than in favour. Now Jagan should be very cautious in taking decisions.

R R Gandikota, Kakinada

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