MyVoice: Views of our readers 3rd August 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 3rd August 2020

This is with reference to the report ‘Mayor monitors district sanitation from camp office’ (Warangal edition, August 2). It was so heartening to read our Mayor, who is down with Covid-19, holding a teleconference with sanitary officials.

Sluggish sanitary staff or apathetic authorities?

This is with reference to the report 'Mayor monitors district sanitation from camp office' (Warangal edition, August 2). It was so heartening to read our Mayor, who is down with Covid-19, holding a teleconference with sanitary officials. The catch is: Do all sanitary officials really go all out to do their job well? I live in Ward no 53. My sanitary inspector tells me to come to the municipal office and give a written complaint about errant owners who are a cause for serious lapses in maintaining their open/vacant plots. It is almost over three years that I have been complaining to the Commissioners, who in turn have redirected the complaints to the sanitary inspectors. Now he tells me to come to the office to give a written complaint! Are they accountable or not? Whenever the Commissioner wants to pay a visit to the Vegetable Market area of Kazipet, the sanitary inspector and his posse of workers come swiping down the area to clean up the road leading to the market. Would someone please request the Commissioner to come for a surprise visit without informing anyone? Then she would surely be able to see through all the shenanigans. The Mayor said if the landlords failed to oblige, the civic body would take care of cleaning these plots, but the owners have to face the penalty. Sorry to say sir, your sanitary inspectors have a different song to sing! They claim that they are short-staffed. They claim that the staff do not receive salaries for months on end so they are very lackadaisical in doing their work. They also claim that they are working nonstop from morning to evening. I request the Mayor to please follow up with the sanitary officials once a week at least, so that would keep them on their toes. Respected Minister of MA&UD, our beloved Mr KTR, are you reading this? Please do not believe the eyewash that is served up to you!

Helen G Thoy, Kazipet, Warangal Urban

Don't panic if affected with coronavirus

One need not become panic with corona disease if affected. Community spread of corona became so fast and rampant that it needs to be controlled by community and by individual with utmost preventive measures like keeping physical distance, using masks, sanitisers and avoiding gatherings and functions. Fatality is more in Covid-29 patients having comorbidity like diabetic, cardiac or renal diseases and immunocompromised diseases like cancer and auto immune diseases. We are not sure of to what extent herd immunity would help in minimising coronavirus. Corona brought ample awareness on Covid-19 symptoms to one and all which is resulting in people of suspected Covid-19 of getting isolated themselves, seeking medical help and volunteering for tests. Immunity boosting, high protein diet intake with intermittent fasting have been proved to increase antibodies production in the body so to fight corona disease. Let us hope for the best.

Dr B N Rao, ex vice president, IMA Telangana unit

Maoism is not terrorism

Recently a US-based State Department report has described the Maoist outfit as the world's 6th deadliest terror organisation. The Union Home Ministry of India also stated that the Maoist terror outfit is at its worst. But this organisation which traces its routes from Communism played a vital role for freedom struggle in India. Now this party put forward an argument stating that "democracy in India is sham" and adopted strategy of guerrilla warfare in order to lead a violent revolution. Probably, this could be the reason why Gandhiji refused to adopt violence path to achieve independence keeping in mind the future consequences that can be noticed even today. Yet, Maoism should not be branded as extreme terrorism as their ideology is actually being misinterpreted by some opportunistic elements. Also, there are aspiring youth who are getting attracted to Maoist groups being fed up with the atrocities of a few people in the government. There is an urgent need for those individuals to be educated and try to bring them back to normalcy.

M Mohan Vamsi, Sathupalli, Telangana

Three-capitals, a foolish concept

Maybe it is a day of exultation for those who have sympathy for YSR and his offspring. But it is not a matter of rejoice for those who dream and relish Amaravati as AP's capital. It is a doomsday for the farmers of Amaravati who gave away their lands for the sake of an iconic and monumental capital. Amaravati should be indisputably revived. Democracy has turned into autocracy in Andhra Pradesh with the ruling party's dominance in the legislatures to the utter bewilderment of voters. No prudent person would endorse this three-capital idea and it is a bad tradition set as per the whims and fancies of a charlatan party.

K Sai Prasanna, Tadepalligudem, WG dist, AP

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