Three key strategies for parents to sail through the turbulent waters of adolescence

Three key strategies for parents to sail through the turbulent waters of adolescence

Three key strategies for parents to sail through the turbulent waters of adolescence


As parents, we often dread the adolescent phase of our children. However, it is vital to remember that this phase sets the stage for strong parent-child relationships. Thus, proceeding with care and understanding is the right thing to do.

Just like having a toddler at home is no less than a challenging task, in a similar vein, having a teenager at home can also be daunting. Parents, when their children enter their adolescent years, often look for the perfect parenting manual to make sense of what their kids are going through and support them in every manner possible. However, the reality is that there is no such manual. Every child has a distinguishing way of handling the challenges that the adolescent years throw at them. Thus, it becomes imperative for parents to understand and address their child's individual needs with empathy and support.

Have you ever come across a scenario where your child is acting out of rage? Well, that's just their hormones speaking, as puberty-related changes have an impact on them. We, as parents, often end up reprimanding them for their rude behaviour, while the ideal course of action is to establish open communication and make an effort to understand their actions.

Navigating the challenging adolescent stage: Three key ways parents can support their child

Offer them control: Control often ends up becoming the second nature of teenagers and adolescents. The desire to control their actions results in a tuff between parents and children. Thus, it becomes vital for parents to establish firm boundaries early on while also assisting their children in navigating flexible boundaries. Allowing them some degree of autonomy over their decisions can foster their adherence to mutual parent-child expectations.

Establish transparent communication: A common mistake that the majority of parents end up committing is exposing their children to an established set of norms. This not only hinders them from exploring their true selves beyond these norms but also instills a fear of repercussions if they deviate from them. Thus, in order to meet these standards, children end up exerting too much pressure on themselves. Doing so paves the way for errors, and fear of making them restricts them from openly discussing it with their parents. This is where it becomes imperative for parents to implement transparent communication as a means to enhance the overall parent-child relationship and create a safe environment where children feel comfortable expressing themselves freely.

Provide space: As parents, we strive to become a part of each and every occasion of our children's lives. Especially if they are in their teenage years, this concern merges with curiosity, blurring the lines between providing space and intruding in their lives. This dynamic often results in children concealing aspects of their lives, laying the groundwork for a growing distance between parent and child. In order to enjoy a healthy relationship with your child, it is crucial to provide them with space and opportunity to explore the world from their own lens.

The right support will pave the way to a strong bond!

The adolescent phase can be demanding for both parents and their children. The changes that your child is going through are bound to affect their behaviour and conduct. During such situations, the ideal course of action for parents is to offer understanding and support as their child navigates through the challenges of adolescence.

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