Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review & Rating

Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review & Rating

Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review and Rating After getting back into the form with Malli Raava movie, hero Sumanth is all set to come up with a mystery thriller Subrahmanyapuram New director Santhossh Jagarlapudi helmed this project

Rating: 2/5
Movie Name: Subrahmanyapuram
Language: Telugu
Release Date: 6 December 2018
Cast: Sumanth,Eesha Rebba
Director: Santhossh Jagarlapudi
Producer: Sudhakar Reddy
Music: Shekar Chandra
Genre: Drama,Mystery

After getting back into the form with 'Malli Raava' movie, hero Sumanth is all set to come up with a mystery thriller 'Subrahmanyapuram'. New director Santhossh Jagarlapudi helmed this project. The entire movie is going to revolve around the mysterious happenings around a temple and the movie is set with village backdrop. Eesha Rebba played the female lead. The teaser and trailer of the film have increased the expectations and the fans are hoping that Sumanth will record another hit in his career. Ending the wait, the movie finally hit the screens today. Let's see if Sumanth scored a winner with this movie or not.

Karthik (Sumanth) is an atheist who researches on ancient temples. One day, he visits an ancient Lord Subrahmanya Swamy temple located in a village named 'Subramanyapuram'. As soon as he enters the temple, the villagers get traumatized with a series of suicides. Police, village head and villagers believe it is God cursing them for their wrong deeds and take no action. But, Karthik suspects that there is something else behind this and starts investigating about the suicides. How Karthik finds the reason behind the suicides forms the rest of the story.

As per the story, the entire movie revolves around Sumanth character and the actor has delivered his best performance as an atheist. Sumanth had a lot of scopes to perform well in the role and the actor has given his career-best performance. It is quite impressive and even surprising to see him perform like the way he did. Telugu girl Eesha Rebba has been showing improvement with each character she portrays. The actress is never letting her graph go down and delivered a decent performance in this movie as well. Sai Kumar did a decent job and performed really well. Suresh played a vital role in the movie and he delivered his best performance. Josh Ravi played the friend character and acted well. Surya performed well. Aditi Myakal gave her 100% for the role. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
The production values of Beeram Sudhakar Reddy are lavish. The music by Shekar Chandra is awesome. The songs are too good but the astounding BGM will definitely take a bigger piece of cake. DOP by RK Prathap is too good. The visuals came out superb. The editing by Karthik Srinivas is smooth and have no bigger flaws. The runtime is very low when compared to the other movies but owing to the genre of the film, it is fine.

More than anything, the story of the film will take the bigger piece of the cake. The director has penned an intriguing story for the film which keeps the audience guessing. The racy narration of the film is definitely a major highlight for the film. The film started on a good note. The first half is not so entertaining and the entire first half is about the mysterious suicides in the village named as Subrahmanyapuram. Some episodes feel like we are watching a TV serial which will definitely test the patience of the audience. The story is much more relatable to the rural audience than the others. The second half is very much better when compared to the first half. The performances are good but some boring scenes and irritating screenplay will disturb the flow of the film. Overall, 'Subrahmanyapuram' is a not-so-mysterious thriller but a decent attempt. We can conclude the film as a one time watch.

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