Surgical diplomacy

Surgical diplomacy

Indian military has conducted high precision surgical strikes on terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC). It’s a radical departure in tackling terror. 

Indian military has conducted high precision surgical strikes on terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC). It’s a radical departure in tackling terror.

The opposition also needs appreciation for standing behind the Government of India in this hour of crisis.

The government did well to take national political opinion along with it on such a sensitive issue. Every effort should be made now to prevent any escalation in the situation.

Such strikes are not common. Therefore, India should continue to intensify its diplomatic initiative to expose and isolate Pakistan on cross-border terrorism.

Pakistan‘s denial of any such thing happening is an acknowledgement of its Catch-22 situation. In case it accepts it, it shall be a self-confession of its complicity in exporting terror and it would be a big embarrassment at home.

Surgical strikes are a consequence of failed attempts at diplomatic tinkering. Pakistan should at least now realise that there are significant costs associated with its terror machine.

India is running out of its patience. The terrorists and their masters should understand that nuclear blackmail does not work.

However, India should be cautious of any misadventure like hot pursuit. Going deep into Pakistan’s territory to strike targets is fraught with deleterious consequences for national security.

India has time and again proved beyond doubt that terrorist infrastructure operates from Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK). Indian proactive move is a result of Islamabad’s inaction.

This limited military operation should not be seen as an act of war on Pakistan. It is essentially an anti-terrorist operation for which India has every right under international laws. Pre-emptive strikes based on concrete information are an illustration of India’s surgical diplomacy.

Besides preventing terrorist infiltration, the strikes also help India assess the threshold of Pakistan’s resistance which would help in further working out the strategy.

It’s not a military affront with a neighbouring nation. But India’s successful coercive diplomacy reveals the country’s edge over Pakistan in conventional warfare. Knowing this, Pakistan has resorted to nuclear bullying all these years. However, any possible misadventure by the military State cannot be ruled out.

India is fully prepared to face any eventuality. But, the government should ensure that the fringe elements in the ruling establishment would not indulge in jingoistic claims that have a potential to derail the nations’ strategic policy.

Despite India’s strategic edge, Pakistan is most unlikely to affect a paradigm shift in its foreign policy. But, India has not conducted any military aggression as it did not hold any territory of Pakistan. The Indian forces attacked precise targets and retreated to their positions, revealing the clarity of purpose and intentions.

The carefully worded military briefing has no war rhetoric. The ruling political establishment has not made any statement. In fact, Indian military leadership has briefed its counterpart in Pakistan.

This is a reflection of India’s maturity. The Government of India needs all the praise for its political restraint. The nation is proud of its armed forces for their military precision and strategic maturity.

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