Why the delay?

Why the delay?

The travesty of democracy in Tamil Nadu and the intrigue of the powers that be in giving an open burial to the democratic norms is not just shocking but sickening to the core. 

The travesty of democracy in Tamil Nadu and the intrigue of the powers that be in giving an open burial to the democratic norms is not just shocking but sickening to the core.

It began last Sunday with the incumbent Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, offering his resignation from the Chief Minister's post.

He was understood to have stepped aside for Sasikala but promptly signaled later to claim that he was forced to resign.

The Governor's office which has slowly taken complete control of the law and order situation in this vacuum is on the throes of 'eliciting' the opinion of the law makers’ sun-bathing at a resort ‘on their own accord’.

If the plot was to create conducive atmosphere for Panneerselvam to form the government or split the ruling party so that a puppet government could be installed, then it could be called almost successful as the growing unease in the camp of Sasikala displays to the glee of the rival group.

The latter still does not have sufficient numbers but if one goes by the intent of the Centre, it is obvious that in the name of non-interference, it is plotting to subordinate characters in the process to its benefit.

The characters may also have had their narrative, in the beginning at least, confined to their own moral and social codes perhaps. But these narratives slowly got subsumed into the bigger game of thrones.

Sadly, the people have no say in this having been reduced to the role of spectators and confined to watching the show from the fringes. If Sasikala thought she could manage the show including the camp politics she was wrong.

She has forgotten that she is no Jayalalithaa whose baptism into politics was by fire. The backroom operations that she managed all these years as a co-resident of Poes Garden were at the behest of the former leader whose word was the law for her party members.

Sasikala was able to command the party legions because she had the sanction of Jayalalithaa. Today the Mannar Gudi group is on its own trying desperately to retain the numbers fast dwindling. Each passing day is seeing the drift of leaders to the other side as anticipated.

Though, it appears that the Governor is in full control of the situation, it is now clear to all that he is just doing the bidding of his masters. Reports suggest that the Governor is only concerned with the ability to form a stable government.

As one trusted lieutenant of Sasikala, Pandiarajan, the Education Minister, who switched sides, stated more legislators are ready to show support to the blessed group. Might be that the Governor is waiting for the stability to grow.

What if Sasikala's group sticks together and if she also is spared by the court as the prime accused is no more. Will the Governor invite her to form the government?

Or will he look at the Law and Order situation that could be engineered to deny her the position?

Tamil Nadu people deserve better. Above all, their due of respect and not a pact with the Devil as in a Faustian theme!

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