Students caught cheating in OU exams

Students caught cheating in OU exams

Students Caught Cheating In OU Exams. Osmania Arts and Social Sciences College in Hyderabad which had been the epicentre for the Telangana agitation has now turned into a hub for malpractices.

Cases booked against foreign students

Hyderabad: Osmania Arts and Social Sciences College in Hyderabad which had been the epicentre for the Telangana agitation has now turned into a hub for malpractices. Examiners, we learn, are having a tough time conducting the exam as several students are indulging in copying and other malpractices in the ongoing semester exams. However, university authorities insist on pinning the blame only on foreign students. Is it because they fear the local student unions that have a strong clout?

While everyone in the university is well aware of the problem, the billion dollar question is -- who will bell the cat? According to reliable sources, even if the students are caught in the examination hall, no action is being taken by the university administration on them and some of the invigilators are turning a blind eye as they fear a backlash from the student community.

A quick visit to the college washroom reveals a lot. It is strewn with mini photocopies of the answers and chits. Though a team of senior professors are stationed at the entrance of the college to frisk the students, they somehow sneak into the examination hall with papers.

The clout of the students is so great that instead of the invigilators they call the shots with regard to seating arrangement. “Cheating is rampant and in addition to that although a proper seating system is in place, many students sit according to their will and wish,” said an invigilator.

When questioned on the massive cheating happening in the premises, Osmania University College of Arts and Social Sciences, Principal, Prof. S Mallesh, said that two-three foreign students were caught with chits during the ongoing examinations. “This time, we booked two-three cases against the foreign students and the university examination cell has to take action on them. Malpractices are mostly among the foreign students and local students are not resorting to it. With no screening test and basic knowledge of English, foreign students are admitted into the courses. In the absences of a screening test, foreign students are resorting to cheating,” Mallesh said and added that a student who joined MA English couldn’t communicate in English.

A professor under condition of anonymity says that the academic audit cell is working on all other issues other than academics. “The academic audit is zero; the cell is only involved in giving permissions. The academics structure has to be revamped as the old syllabi may not suit today’s societal needs. Also, there should be change in the examination pattern whereby there is less scope for copying,” said the Professor.

After postponing the examinations thrice, citing general elections, the university is holding the II and IV semester examinations for the postgraduate courses. The examinations which began on May 19 will conclude on June 4.

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