Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena lacks direction

Pawan Kalyans Jana Sena lacks direction

Pawan Kalyan\'s Jana Sena Lacks Direction. When Power Star Pawan Kalyan announced his Jana Sena with much fanfare, there was lot of expectations from him given the party\'s strategies, policies and stand on various issues.

When Power Star Pawan Kalyan announced his Jana Sena with much fanfare, there was lot of expectations from him given the party's strategies, policies and stand on various issues. Many of his fans, people, political parties and analysts waited with keen interest to know what stand Pawan Kalyan would take on the burning issues.

Even before the first speech, many waited eagerly to know his stand on the contentious issue of Andhra Pradesh division. Prior to his political entry, there was speculation that he would join either TDP, Lok Satta, BJP or the AAP. But nothing of that sort happened though some of the parties used his pictures in their party banners and flexis. But during that time there was even talk of Pawan fielding his candidates in some select constituencies where his fan following is strong both in Telangana and Seemandhra.

Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena Lacks Direction

When he launched his political party, some of his close aides and supporters hailed his decision of not joining any party, but forming an independent outfit of his own. He instantly connected chord with common people when he raised slogan 'party not for power but to question'. Many of the celebrities went ga ga over his debut speech on the day of his party launch with some saying he would have made a perfect choice not as CM of Andhra Pradesh state or PM of India, but the post of President of USA!

Political grapevine also had it that Pawan's Jana Sena was the handiwork of Congress party to split opposition votes to come to power. They cited the examples of Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam and Jayaprakash Narayan's Lok Satta which affected TDP's chances in the last elections. But with Congress Hatao Desh Bachao slogan, these allegations lost credence. Many thought that his party may become a viable alternative for Congress and other parties in the state.

However, all their dreams came crashing down as he decided to play second fiddle to BJP. He announced that he would support BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi and said that in order not to split the opposition votes and play spoil sport, he and his party wouldn't be contesting 2014 elections. Now, according to a latest development Pawan will be campaigning for the BJP in Karnataka state. Rumour has it that Pawan is trying for Vijayawada MP seat for his close friend Potluri Vara Prasad from TDP. It is a known fact the TDP and BJP entered into an alliance in Andhra Pradesh.

Many are left to wonder where Power Star Pawan Kalyan is driving his party Jana Sena, when he announced that he will not be contesting elections till 2014. Though his stand not to contest elections till the party becomes strong looks appealing, the basic question is how can a political party survive without being in active politics for so many years. Any political party for its survival fight elections, raise questions through their representatives, take public issues and fight for the people's causes.

If a leader wants to run a political party and win elections, he should lead by example and not promise heaven and then take a back seat that he will take up their issues after five years. Then people and his rivals may question why make the noise now and not at the right time (after five years).

Pawan has already become the butt of all jokes that he will enter Guinness record by floating a political party and not contesting elections. At present, Pawan is not trading his party anywhere and it will be a miracle of sorts if his Jana Sena sustains till 2014 fighting for the people and make strong impact then.

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