The hans story time

The hans story time

Once upon a time, there was a small village. The villagers of that village were lazy. They did not like doing any work. They had found out an easy way ...

Story of lucky tree

Once upon a time, there was a small village. The villagers of that village were lazy. They did not like doing any work. They had found out an easy way of making money. Outside their village was a tree that bore sweet, but poisonous fruits.The villagers knew that the fruits of the tree were poisonous. Yet, they never warned the travelers about the fruit’s poison and let them eat the fruits. The travelers would come and sit under the tree.

They would eat the poisonous fruit and die. The villagers would then take away all their money, jewels and belongings and shared the loot among them. So the villagers could very well be called ‘wicked robbers’. They considered the tree to be ‘lucky tree’ for them.

One day, a group of rich merchants was passing through the village. Seeing the shady, fruit-laden tree, they stopped to take rest. The villagers were very happy to see so many rich people together. They hid behind a rock and watched their activities. The travelers plucked the fruits and started eating them.Just then, a man on a horseback came there. He stopped near the lucky tree and said to the travelers, “Stop eating these fruits. They are poisonous. These fruits will kill you.”

Hearing him speak thus, the travelers were terrified. One of them said, “Sir, we have already eaten these fruits and we found them very sweet. How do you know that they are poisonous?” the man replied, “A week back, I also rested under the tree. There was another traveler sitting here. He ate these fruits. At that time, I was not hungry. So I did not eat any fruit.

After sometime, the traveler got up and went along his way. I was tired. So I slept. A few hours later, I woke up and continued my journey. To my horror, I found the traveler dead on the highway. Somebody had taken away his money and belongings. I am a doctor. I took his dead body to my clinic and examined it. I found that poison had caused his death. I remembered him eating fruits. I came back here at night and plucked a few fruits. I fed the fruits to rats. The rates also died.

I made up my mind to cut away this poisonous tree. Therefore, I have come here today. I also have some medicine with me. All of you take this medicine. The effect of the poison will be lessened. The villager had been watching everything. However, they could not hear anything. So, they went nearer. By that time, the doctor had taken out his axe and stared cutting the tree. Although the villagers were disappointed, they had to help the doctor cut away their ‘lucky tree’.

From then onwards, the villagers had to work hard for earning their livelihood.

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