Harikrishna, NTR skip family wedding

Harikrishna, NTR  skip family wedding

The family squabbles in the Nandamuri family seem to have come to fore once again. Harikrishna and his actor son Junior NTR were conspicuous by their absence at the wedding of his younger brother Balakrishna’s daughter Tejaswini here on Wednesday. Their absence has triggered furious debates on internal dissensions in NTR family in political as well as film circles.

Hyderabad: The family squabbles in the Nandamuri family seem to have come to fore once again. Harikrishna and his actor son Junior NTR were conspicuous by their absence at the wedding of his younger brother Balakrishna’s daughter Tejaswini here on Wednesday. Their absence has triggered furious debates on internal dissensions in NTR family in political as well as film circles. Jr NTR was certainly not busy in any schedule, sources said. It is being seen as a clear indication of the widening rift between the families of Harikrishna and Balakrishna.
Film industry people, however, say that Jr NTR did not receive the wedding invitation and unhappy over this, Harikrishna, too, did not attend the wedding. However, Kalyan Ram, another son of Harikrishna, attended the marriage.
Babai Abbai rift widens
NTR’s ‘no show’ at Balayya family’s wedding was conspicuous on Wednesday. Sources say that NTR was not invited for the wedding or he would have certainly made it as he was very much in Hyderabad shooting for ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’. Their relationship soured after they had a row about NTR’s photographs in YSR Congress flexis
Nagaraj Goud
The cracks seem to have widened, as simmering differences between NTR and his uncle Bala Krishna have come to the fore again, thanks to the former’s absence at the wedding of Tejaswini, Balayya’s second daughter at Hyderabad, on Wednesday. NTR’s ‘no show’ at the wedding seemed almost certain after Balayya issued a veiled warning in April asking him to strongly object to the use of his photographs on YSR Cong flexis. The relationship between the duo turned sour after this episode.
While NTR’s father Hari Krishna stood by him on the flexis row, the young actor not being invited to the two-day annual Mahanadu of TDP in May was another instance which raised eyebrows. It is said that since Balayya was already attending the Mahanadu and that he was not on talking terms with his nephew, there was no need for another star campaigner on the podium.
In fact it was heavily buzzed that the relationship between NTR and TDP has taken a beating as soon as Kodali Nani, TDP MLA from Gudivada, bid adieu to the party and joined YSR Cong last year. NTR was the reason for Nani’s departure as he felt that TDP as going nowhere and that Babu was making efforts to promote Lokesh, reports said. Though NTR dismissed the news in a rare press brief last year, the actor’s lack of solidarity to Babu’s padayatra and his no attempts of meeting the TDP chief even after he completed the walkathon this year, indicated that the ‘Yamadonga’ star was certainly discontented with the TDP think tank.
A source close to the Nandamuri family said, “NTR was not invited to the wedding. He was in Hyderabad shooting an action sequence for ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’ and would have attended the wedding, setting aside all his differences, had he been invited. He is not the kind where he intentionally shows his dissent and maligns the image of his family.”
Thousands of Nandamuri fans who attended the wedding too were disappointed as they neither spotted NTR nor his father Hari Krishna. However, there was some respite for the fans as Hari’s another son, Kalyan Ram, was seen at the wedding, overseeing the preparations and welcoming the guests.
The source added, “Balayya invited his elder brother on phone. Though he is in New Delhi attending the Parliament, he would have made his way to the wedding had if NTR was invited.” Albeit, the wedding was conducted with much pomp and show and ended on a note that brought a smile on the smile on the face of Balayya, it remains to be seen how the next few days will pan out in the TDP camp.
So, how did the wedding go
Manju Latha Kalanidhi
So how different is a celeb wedding from a regular wedding? Well as much as a regular photograph and a 35X zoom photograph. As much as a regular show and high definition show is. In short, everything is larger than life, magnified, zoomed and enhanced. Actor Balakrishna’s second daughter Tejeswini’s wedding was no different. By now Hyderabad has got used to star weddings so you know what to expect.
First, the numbers. Approximately 40,000 people were invited. At any point of time, over a good 5,000 people was visible and the security personnel alone must’ve been a good 20 per cent of that number.
Ambience: Gunmen, bouncers, cops in mufti, ID-ed ‘go that way, not this’ prompters… all kinds of people who assumed leadership qualities for the day. Many celebs and VIPs who turned up for the wedding in silken finery had a hard time proving their identity to walk up to the dias. After a point of time, nobody was being allowed as there was a big crowd on the dias already. We even overheard a pretty young girl explaining in detail how she her dad was exactly related to ‘Balayya mavayya’. Even those who made it to the dias only spent a few seconds and were ushered down. Celebrities should stop inviting so many people if they all cannot greet the bride or groom. Or they should plan separate events for family, friends and media, fans etc to accommodate everyone.
Reception for fans: With over 2,000 VVIPS ranging from Chief Ministers and cabinet ministers to top stars and business tycoons, there was barely space or time for the fans who had come to meet their favourite star on his big day. Well, at least until 12 noon, there was no sign of fans meeting up with Balayya. Fans came from as far as Tadipatri and Khammam and were simply shooed away by the security personnel. Balayya himself was in two minds on the dais. Once he was yelling at the way the security staff were pushing and shoving the guests. Another moment, he was yelling again at them for allowing so many people at once. Happens when you are the bride’s father and have so many people to please! Perhaps like at Ram Charan’s wedding, there should have been a special session for the fans. While many said how the star did not discriminate between his VIP friends and his fans, the fact that there was no sane way for all the people who turned up to greet the bride and groom left many disappointed. Fans, however, shrieked with delight everytime Balayya waved at them or the when the cameras zoomed on them.
Food: The food was top class on many counts. Multi-cuisine with a distinct Andhra touch! You can gauge the lunch going by the breakfast menu – south Indian comprising live counters plus dhoklas, sheera, samosas, veg puffs, pav bhaji, puri chole, sweet chats, pastries, sweets and more. Most celeb weddings have loads of food awaiting to be consumed but lack of plates leave the guests disappointed. Thankfully, there were enough plates, seats and tables for most guests. The décor was tasteful and classy with sheer light brown georgette cloth covering up the entire ceiling to give a very Arabic feel to the place. Guests were in awe of the suspended mandapam, the large urli with water and floating candles etc.
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