Edinburgh: Literature, hills, castles and festivals

Edinburgh: Literature, hills,  castles and festivals

Edinburgh: Literature, Hills, Castles And Festivals. This soul of Scotland nurtures music, art, drama, and other forms of creative expression, which is life-in-motion, in itself.

Edinburgh is representative of the cultural and economic affluence of Scotland and provides for a great vacation away from home. Artists, businesspeople, general travellers, everyone will come back from this city, with their own unique and inspiring tales of travels and journeys

This soul of Scotland nurtures music, art, drama, and other forms of creative expression, which is life-in-motion, in itself. Businesses, philosophy, the sciences, too, have found a suitable crevice to occupy here, which has led to the city becoming one of the most sought after travel destinations of the world.

Known as the first UNESCO city of literature, and the Athens of the North, Edinburgh offers a wealth of opportunities to travellers, in the form of places to see, locations to find and gauge, experiences to assemble, artifacts, and beautiful natural resources, to admire and explore.

A thriving University atmosphere brings students here, from across the world, in the pursuit of knowledge and learning. Therefore, don’t forget to pay a visit to the University of Edinburgh, the top university of Scotland, if you wish to learn some effects of student life on the city, and vice versa.

Smaller man-made dwellings, landscapes, and various on-goings in a vibrant city-life, amidst those, against a background of old forts, large citadels, and hills, is somewhat, the silhouette of Edinburgh.

Upon hills, rest mammoth structures, one can gape at, and then there is the city-centre, where some of the hustle and bustle, takes place. Waterfront locations, green areas and parks, craft and vintage shops, wine shops, clubs, pubs, restaurants, smaller eating joints, music venues, and literary grounds, where get-togethers happen, and where poets and writers hold meetings, to share and exhibit their work, can be found here, in aplenty.

Not too far away from the city, is the coastline, and just a day-trip away, is the legend of Lochness. This otherworldly effect, along with the settling influence of castles, museums, art galleries, and monuments, within the city, and bordering it, to gaze at, at dusk or dawn, are natures’ sketches of the city and neighboring sights, in varied lights, and hues.

Preferably, book a place in advance, to stay in the city, which has a glowing reference from someone who has already been there, than an untried accommodation. The city has extreme weather, so, it is always a good idea to carry appropriate clothes with you, and also extra cash, for the city can get expensive.

If you are on a tight budget, always make a list of the places you would like to eat at, hang out at, or simply see, keeping your monetary considerations in mind.

The International festival, the Fringe festival, and the Film festival, are some of the important festivals which take place in the city. The Fringe, which is the world’s largest Arts festival, takes place every year, around August, in Edinburgh, and is a good time to visit here. It is a platform mainly for the performing arts, theatre and comedy, parts of which include music and dance, operas and some shows for children.

All kinds of experimental art performances and shows are accepted in the Fringe, which may not be accepted in other conservative festivals around the world. Some of these shows are for free, and some are ticketed. Tourists from all around the world, in large numbers, travel to Edinburgh to attend this festival; a celebration, bringing vibrancy, normal and odd-portrayals of life, to locals and travellers.

Two lovely Indian women travellers, who have seen the city up-close, tell you what they feel about the picturesque city:

Shivani Maheshwari, a senior trip coordinator at Enchanting Travels, Delhi, feels nostalgic about her trip to Edinburgh earlier, and shares, "Edinburgh is a beautiful city with extreme weather. A rich European history amidst breathtaking landscapes is what Edinburgh is to me. This charming destination will take you back in time, leaving you mesmerised with impressions that will stay in your memories forever."

Sindhu Rajasekaran, Bharatnatyam danseuse and author of Kaleidoscopic Reflections, reminisces, and remarks upon the Fringe, saying, "Rarely does the sun come out in Edinburgh, when it does, it portends a grand time. It was one such occasion in August. And the usually empty lanes were suddenly filled with curious tourists and merry locals, gathering around German acrobats, Scottish bagpipers, actors holding Venetian masks, and street dancers, trying to concentrate on one act at a time.

The month of the Fringe Festival is eventful, not because it lavishes millions on pomp royal weddings, even a public lavatory is a stage in Edinburgh. Amidst all the revelry, one tends to forget the world beyond the serene hills of Scotland.

There were poets who read verses for those who cared to listen, standing atop any ledge which could gather attention. People sat on the unruffled grass of the meadows, drinking their beers, listening to a man faraway playing his guitar.

There was complete pandemonium; one could easily be confused as to what to do with one’s day. Bake sales galore, handcrafted gift articles, African beads, everything one could think of were sold on the roads. And then, there were comedy shows, every hour, everywhere."

Such narrations clearly suggest the wonderful impression Edinburgh leaves on travellers; so, getting a chance to be a part of such a potpourri of adventure, exploration and discoveries, must not be missed.

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