Coconut milk an excellent moisturiser, treats baldness too

Coconut milk an excellent moisturiser, treats baldness too

Coconut Milk an Excellent Moisturiser, Treats Baldness too, Do more with Coconut milk,

Coconut milk is delicious and adds superb taste to various dishes when cooked with it. However, the milk divine has more benefits than just increasing the delectability to the food. The coconut milk comes loaded with various benefits when utilised optimally.

Here are a few of them:
Smooth Hair
The goodness of coconut milk acts as an excellent hair conditioner and detangler. In summers when the scalp gets dry and makes the hair frizzy, pour some coconut milk on your palm and run it through the hair strands before combing. The natural conditioning helps maintain a softer, healthier hair.
Say goodbye to baldness
Coconut milk is one of the very few natural ingredients that prevent the baldness in the middle age. Mix around 50 ml of coconut milk with 100 ml of plain water. Add few drops of camphor solution. Massage the mixture onto the scalp and the affected area with a bald patch. Do this every night and wake up to wash the hair. See some magical results.
Skin Moisturizer
The rich soothing properties of coconut milk help in acting like a great skin moisturizer. Instead of investing money on those expensive creams outside, try on this preparation. Add a cup of rose petals, half cup rose water and one cup of coconut water to you warm bath water. Soaking in this water for ten to fifteen minutes before proceeding to the main ritual of bath helps the skin to absorb the oils of the coconut milk. The skin will be no longer dry, shining with smoothness instead.
Skin Ailments
Coconut milk helps in reducing psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.
Make up remover
The toning properties of coconut milk also act as an excellent makeup remover after a long day. Take off that grease on the face with a cotton wad dipped in coconut milk. This is far more effective than the strong removers available in the market comprising of harsh chemicals.
Weight loss
Not many know that coconut milk helps in losing fat. The fibre content in the milk gets rid of fat pile up when consumed everyday along with foods.
Selenium, a natural antioxidant in coconut milk relieves arthritis decreasing the risk of joint inflammation
Strong Bones
A rich source of phosphorus, coconut milk helps build stronger bones , especially in women and children.
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