Ready, Get Set, Go! Conquer the World!
Ready, Get Set, Go! Conquer the World!

  Along with the New Year resolutions, start looking at the world in a new way. Don’t save your creative thinking for the last minute brainstorming sessions. You can conquer the challenges and accomplish your dreams and resolutions. 

  • Wake up early and do exercise or meditation. Leave the habit of hitting the bed late night. When you sleep well you wake up actively. 
  • Be a go-getter! Learn to help yourself, keep learning. Try out new things. Don’t wait for the right time or inspiration. Give yourself the energy and time you deserve.  
  • Start trusting yourself and stop giving up on your dreams. Plan and work so that once you start a task you finish it successfully. Be ready to take feedback and ideas, sometimes complex things need multiple viewpoints. 
  • Follow your dreams! Don’t be a sheep. Don’t do it just because your friend or colleague is doing it. Inspiration is not imitation, things working for others may necessarily not work for you. 
  • Be a sponge! Keep your mind open. Pay attention and listen closely. Creativity is a process. Be patient and well informed. 
  • Be positive! Learn to say “yes” instead of saying “that won’t work”. Research shows that repetitive thinking etches a groove into the brain. 
  • Come out of your comfort t zone, stop being lazy. Take challenges, o what you are scared of. Challenges prepare you for divergent thinking.

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