Modi needs to maintain decorum

Modi needs to maintain decorum

I commend THI, for coming out with timely editorial The writing on the wall February 12 where the dictator hiding in Modi is well established with substantial evidence

I commend THI, for coming out with timely editorial " The writing on the wall" (February 12) where the dictator hiding in Modi is well established with substantial evidence.

A Prime Minister is supposed to display dignity and decency in his words and deeds as was demonstrated by Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Nehru, VP Singh and IK Gujral. Doubtless, Modi is a dwarf before his predecessors in being humble in public life.

Sadly, Modi is never bothered to conduct himself in a dignified manner that suits the stature of a PM. His level of arrogance is so high where he has total disregard for all opposition leaders which is amply manifested in the derogatory terms he often uses against his political rivals. After all, a leader politically opposed to you is not your personal enemy. How can he learn statesmanship to rule the nation when he doesn't try to learn humility?

Ironically and amusingly , the self-proclaimed crusader against corruption is himself mired in corruption charges with regard to Rafale scam . What a pity? His integrity stands questioned seriously in the deal.

He and his ministers find themselves in a helpless situation in Parliament where they have no defence while being attacked bitterly for their wrongdoings in Rafale scam.

Yet, Modi spares no effort to besmirch as many opposition leaders as possible by using CBI and IT against them. Honestly speaking, no BJP leader has been investigated sincerely so far, even though serious allegations of corruption are levelled against them. Does Modi mean that no leader in BJP is corrupt and every leader in opposition is corrupt? Modi needs to realise that in his attempts to besmirch opposition leaders, it is he who gets besmirched.

Your editorial poses a pertinent question to Modi : Is this cleansing the system of corruption or harbouring cronyism? Mr. Modi , please answer this question first and ask votes from people.

It is below his stature to talk some bitter words against CM of AP and his son by coming all the way from Delhi without explaining the people of AP why he hasn't given SCS, Railway zone, Steel factory and what made him to dump all his poll promises made to AP people in Bay of Bengal.

Obviously, Modi proved himself disastrous for the country in many ways without an iota of repentance for his serious misdeeds. If given one more term, he would crush democracy, minority religions, dissent voices and opposition parties by acting in a manner worse than Hitler.

Now , the ball is in the court of opposition parties where they need to unite by sinking their differences and egoisms with a common goal of liberating the country from the tyranny and dictatorship of Modi lest history won't forgive them.

- Narne Raveendra Babu, Hyderabad

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