Media portray dads as lazy

Media portray dads as lazy

Media Portray Dads As Lazy

London: A new study has found that dads in modern media are misunderstood and forced to endure near constant ridicule.

According to a new survey, they might make us laugh with their feckless, beer-drinking, bumbling DIY ways but media representations of modern fatherhood are little more than discrimination and threaten to convince future generations that men are "useless", the Independent reported.

Media Portray Dads As Lazy
Homer Simpson, Frank Gallagher even Peppa Pig's dad fail to accurately represent the modern male experience and reflect the important contribution that fathers make to their families.
A survey by parenting website Netmums has cast new light on the so-called crisis of masculinity showing that dads are misunderstood and forced to endure near constant ridicule on TV, books and magazines for their perceived inadequacies.

More than nine out of 10 respondents to the survey said the stereotypes were out of touch with reality and would be offensive to women or racial groups.

Half were critical of the way fathers were represented as lazy and stupid by the media, whilst a third suggested they were little more than a "subtle form of discrimination".

Programmes including The Simpsons, Peppa Pig, My Family, Outnumbered and Shameless were all highlighted as failing to promote suitable role models for children or fathers themselves.

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