Travel tales of a Coffee Cup

Travel tales of a Coffee Cup

For Rasesh Raja is a selfproclaimed coffee lover and a digital marketing professional based out of Mumbai, it all began with a cup of coffee He...

For Rasesh Raja is a self-proclaimed coffee lover and a digital marketing professional based out of Mumbai, it all began with a cup of coffee. He received this coffee cup as a gift from his friend coming back from Paris. The cup has the iconic Eiffel tower printed on it. And over the time the cup became synonymous to collecting experiences and making memories. It became his travel partner, and together they have travelled to explore different coffee cultures. Pictures of the cup and the stories made their way to his blog – ‘Moreovercoffee’.

He shares, “I just got the urge to travel with it everywhere and simply photographed it. Not necessary I need to be in all travel photos, right? I just put my endearing coffee cup as me. Slowly, I started to travel more and started to photograph the cup with iconic monuments and beautiful locations in the backdrop. It was such a delightful experience that it eventually became a part of my life.”

The first photograph with the coffee cup happened at the Asiatic Library in Mumbai. “It had lent itself as a beautiful landscape for a photo shoot with #MyCupOfCoffee. Here is when I realized that this cup has a story to tell and the images created history.”

The cup began gaining followers steadily. In June 2017, it visited Mysuru, Ooty and Coonoor. It also visited the popular house from the Hindi film, ‘Kapoor & Sons’ which not many know about, named as 180° Mciver in Coonoor. Sometimes the cup travelled on its own. Rasesh explains, “My colleague Shreyasi took my cup for its 1st International trip to Europe. It visited its natives in Paris, went to Switzerland, Austria and had the view from London Eye.”

One of the memorable trips the cup made was to the most livable city in the world, Melbourne, which is also the coffee capital of Australia. Rasesh relates, “It was amazing visiting cafés and exploring the coffee culture. The cup also visited the most popular Phillip Island Nature Park near Melbourne to meet the koalas and penguins.

It was with me on the amazing helicopter ride at the 12 Apostles, and along the Great Ocean Road.” The concept of travel of the coffee cup that caught the imagination of the netizens, is in fact an idea born out of sheer love for coffee. And, Rasesh plans to take it forward to where ever it takes.

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