Become a skilled birdwatcher
Become a skilled birdwatcher

Like all of nature’s creatures, birds are of a diverse variety and different species of birds are seen in different habitats. Just as some birds are always seen in mountainous terrain, so are other birds seen in only arid climates. A skilled birdwatcher knows which settings are likely to be homes for a particular variety of bird; such bird watchers also know what birds are doing as they fly about. Most people unskilled in birdwatching may be puzzled by how birds behave, but a talented bird lover usually is not.  

Best places to watch birds
A birdwatcher would nearly give his or her right arm to see an exotic variety of bird he or she hasn’t ever seen before. Luckily for such people, there are experts who are trying to bring birdwatchers and all variety of birds together by using an app. Such an app can lead bird watchers to locations where particular varieties of birds are most likely to be seen. 

Equipment for birding
Birding with the naked eyes is not really birding. A true birdwatcher must have equipment that allows him or her to see birds from a great distance so as not to disturb them. This means that a birdwatcher must have a good pair of binoculars or a DSLR camera that has a focal length greater than 500mm. Using binoculars along with DSLR, however, may not provide a complete birding experience. To enjoy birding a bird lover should also use an app because an app will provide valuable information such what kinds of birds have been sighted in a location during the past 7, 14 and 21 days. Such information is very valuable and can allow bird watchers to watch or capture on camera a bird species they are keen to see. 

Watch migrating birds
Every child in school is correctly taught that birds migrate south for the winter. Birdwatchers can see birds that have migrated to India from distant lands in the western part of India. Such birds arrive in India in October and fly back north in February as spring arrives. Someone who is eager to see such birds can use an app as it will guide the person to locations where particular species of migratory bird are likely to be found.  

Birding isn’t responsible for fewer migrating birds
It is untrue that the increase in the number of birdwatchers is responsible for fewer migratory birds arriving in India. The fact it that there are a number of other factors such as habitat erosion and pollution for the phenomenon of fewer migratory birds arriving in India. Other factors behind this phenomenon are dying lakes, the felling of trees, and polluted water which cases many birds to die. 

- Manjunath Gowda, CEO of WildTrailsApp.

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