What is the biggest power?

What is the biggest power?

Immense has been spoken about power Where does it lie Is it given or taken Is it authority or position Is it influence or is it a possibility to accomplish

Immense has been spoken about power. Where does it lie? Is it given or taken? Is it authority or position? Is it influence or is it a possibility to accomplish?

Once someone asked me a very interesting question:

“Why is it necessary to see a possibility in everything?”

The art of seeing possibilities in everything makes a person equipped with tremendous courage to adapt to new situations, step into new vistas, put the foot down regardless of uncertainties, work in spite of odds, experience the hope in every action and reaction and remind the surroundings to believe in only the good lying before us.

A person seeing possibilities in something which he is aspiring to go right is probably very easy but when a person gains an understanding of seeing the power of possibility in those areas where nothing looks positive, his success probabilities raise leaps and bounds.

When we were born, we did not know what we will get from this world and we got all these possibilities out of nothing.

The unbound potential of this universe is still hidden, and everyone gets the god in direct proportion to his faith. How big your faith is so big is your god? This is simply because we see miracles only when we have faith that miracles will happen in our life. When we believe miracles only happen to others, we are actually denying the possibility of miracles happening in our life.

A person who believes in the infinite potential of this universe and that everything is possible if our intention, thought, feeling and actions are in the same direction. A person who intends to own a car someday can put in his effort in one direction in this way -

Intention: I will own Mercedes of this class in my life

Thought: I love the feel of owning it and driving it myself

Feeling: I get happy when I see someone buying a new one or when I see a new Mercedes car on road in front of me. I wish all the people to succeed in life and afford this car. Action: I will feel good if I am around these cars, it can be working to sell this car, helping someone to make a decision to buy a car, being an entrepreneur of its spare parts to start with. I just would love to be around this car to make me feel good.

I once met a person who was so fond of Rolls Royce and wanted to drive that car. He learned all about maintaining it and was given the contract by so many people who owned the car, to him to maintain their cars. He could drive and work with the car and get the best of his satisfaction when he used to pick and drive back the car to the owners.

It is not important to think about how it will happen. That is the job of this universe to make it happen. You only have to activate your power to think that it is possible whether as a routine or a miracle. If it needs a miracle to happen so be it. You desire and concentrate on your power and let the universe exercise its power to get it to you in every way possible.

You define your biggest power - your power of making things possible, by seeing possibilities of getting something from nothing, because:

“Power of possible is in seeing possibilities among nothing.”

- Shachi Maheshwari

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