Keep your backpack loaded

Keep your backpack loaded

Your diet is not just about eating healthy every day, it is about eating wholesome, balanced meals even when you are on vacation If you are holding...

Your diet is not just about eating healthy every day, it is about eating wholesome, balanced meals even when you are on vacation. If you are holding yourself back from taking your next dream vacation just so you don’t mess up your diet, it’s time to pack your bags and head out. Here are a few snacking options for health buffs to carry on vacation:

Nuts: Several yummy and light nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts and pistachios can be easily carried around by travellers. Nuts are much healthier than any fried snacks and offer a boost of energy as well. The best part about nuts is that they don’t go bad and can be stored for long periods of time. These are no-hassle, easy to munch snacks that are essential for every trip.

Pizzas: Nowadays, with several options like whole-wheat bases and low-fat cheese, pizzas are no longer the unhealthy food that they used to be. In fact, they have turned into wholesome snacks that can be enjoyed with friends or family. From backpackers to party people, pizzas can be a great option for everyone. Further, travellers can also carry heat and eat pizzas that are as convenient as they are yummy.

Namkeens: Namkeens are easily available everywhere and are the perfect accompaniments to tea and snacks. The sheer variety of these sweet and savoury snacks will have you craving for more throughout your trip. While there is no dearth of traditional namkeens in the Indian market, you can also enjoy chips or nachos that are available in different, exciting flavours. Namkeens and chips are also cost-effective and thus the perfect option for budget travellers.

Healthy juices: For the time-crunched people who generally end up skipping breakfast, cold-extracted juices can provide the best solution. Check out the healthy juices from Second Nature, newly launched and first ever brand of 'cold extracted' fresh fruits and veggie juices and nutritious nut milks and nectars. These will allow you to quench your thirst without consuming too much sugar and artificial flavours.

Energy bars: To truly enjoy your vacation, you need to be constantly high on energy. This is especially important for those delving in adventurous activities such as hiking or swimming. In order to keep energy levels up, it is important to carry energy bars at all times. These are available in several different flavours with power packed ingredients that will boost vitality for hours.

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