TRS has a secret weapon for Warangal East

TRS has a secret weapon for Warangal East

With political environment charged up, a 1969 leader from Warangal wins so many hearts The name he attained in all these years makes him a unique catch for the TRS party

Warangal: With political environment charged up, a 1969 leader from Warangal wins so many hearts. The name he attained in all these years makes him a unique catch for the TRS party. When asked in a survey the only candidate with a fair record was a lecturer whose name is Puli Sarangapani.Supporters of him and many other constituents in the Warangal east constituency think that for Puli Sarangapani sir this election would be a cake walk for him if he were to be given a ticket by TRS party for Warangal East constituency.

Puli Sarangapani comes from humble beginnings. His mother used to sell milk to raise four boys and one girl. Puli Sarangapani sir is third son in this family. He is affectionately called "Pani Sir" by his followers. He was the first one to get a degree from the locality he grew up in. He went to laximpuram school which was an area KCR visited soon after he became a chief minister promising the people living in the slums a better life.

Self-motivation and his mother's life in poverty made Puli Sarangapani concentrate on studies and higher education. He mentioned and preached many times to his students and others that only education is a way out to get to the next level. While pursuing his bachelors in CKM college he was elected as the first student union president. Winning a student election was more privilege than winning a political election in those days. Later, this experience gave him the leadership skills to become actively involved in the 1969 Telangana movement. He was the student's JAC leader for the CKM college which was a premier institute in Warangal. Many other important people like Prof. Kodandaram went for their bachelor’s degree in CKM college. According to Puli Sarangapani, Kodandaram sir was very junior to Puli Sarangapani in the CKM college and was probably not even in the 1969 agitation.

During three decades of teaching, sarangapani sir has gained reputation for changing lives of many students. According to his former students, he went on to pay tuition fees for many students from his own pocket and has been a mentor for many students. He constantly advocated his students from the slums and poverty to take education as a god given right to get out of the poverty to self-sufficiency. During his tenure at Kakatiya Government Degree College, he was a undefeated champion and worked as the president of Gazzeted College Government Teachers Association(GCGTA) for a decade and as a lecturer he had a reputation for not missing any classes or being late by even one minute to a class. He is also given credit for getting one of the best accreditation rankings for the Kakatiya Govt. College. Students would concentrate and take his class seriously. Most teachers in the college took him as an inspiration and role model. Puli Sarangapani made sure that the students in his class were treated with respect and constantly asked them to strive for better life by attaining education.

Jayashankar sir, father of Telangana, was closely associated with Puli Sarangapani and had liking for the leadership of Puli Sarangapani. Often, Jayashankar sir requested Puli Sarangapani to join full time politics to fight for the cause of Telangana by joining hands with TRS and strengthening the hands of TRS Party Chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao. Although, it was too late by the time Puli Sarangapani joined TRS party in 2013 and Prof. Jayashankar sir passed away by that time. Later, Puli joined TRS party and now is a serious contender for the Warangal East TRS assembly ticket. As a Pensioners JAC chairman, Puli Sarangapani was active in the second Telangana movement too and participated in every strike, dharmas’ leading many people into the movement until the achievement of Telangana. He made sure to submit a detailed report to SriKrishna committee in the past.

Puli has worked actively in the TRS party for last six years and worked actively towards elections of Kadiyam Srihari(MP), PasanuriDayakar(MP) and PallaRajeshwar Reddy(MLC). This time around, he is aspiring and actively pursuing for the assemnly ticket from Warangal East. His political campaign has reached more than 100000 people on social media and has impeccable record. His vision for Warangal is being praised by many people from all walks of life. Professors, employees, students, leaders of backward communities and many associations have come forward attesting their support. He is certain this time that TRS party chief K. Chandrasekhar rao will use Puli Sarangapani as a secret weapon in getting a thumping victory.

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