Reliance Jio Brings New Tech Solutions For Your Car

Reliance Jio Brings New Tech Solutions For Your Car

Reliance Jio tech solutions include door and fuel sensors, and a panic button for the safety of drivers and passengers.

With sustainable and safe mobility solutions in the automobile sector, Reliance Jio showed technologies that allow an ecosystem of connected cars.

When it comes to hardware, the telecom company showed e-SIM support of Internet of Things (IoT) grade in multi-factor narrowband IoT modules and LTE-based tracking devices.

The company also exhibited an OBD or telematic devices compatible with on-board diagnostics. The device has wireless integration with the board. Cam and can be used to enable driving patterns and record the same. For that, the tool uses the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and cloud-based transmission. Additionally, the OBD device also has features such as vehicle tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity in the vehicle and vehicle health information.

Reliance Jio also displayed other hardware solutions such as door sensors, fuel sensors and a panic button to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

The telco said the automotive industry is accelerating into a new era of technology and connectivity where the customer experience is not only driven by superior mechanics, but also via technologies like AI and telematics. Most of the products and technology exhibited by Jio are primarily for B2B rather than end consumers.

The basic idea is to gather the benefits of life connected to the vehicle with connectivity, device management, application enablement and analytics. The use cases, according to Reliance Jio, for the automotive industry are an illustration of Jio's capabilities to create safe and scalable IoT solutions, which will help drive the digital transformation of enterprises.

In addition to the ODB device, Jio revealed hardware solutions that work with the AIS 140 standard and include door and fuel sensors, also a panic button to protect drivers and passengers.

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