These latest WhatsApp features will change the way we use it

These latest WhatsApp features will change the way we use it

Globally WhatsApp is the most widely-used mode of instant messaging. The new features that the app gets every fortnight help in sustaining its fame. These new features are first tested in beta mode.

hese latest 12 features seen in WhatsApp beta that will definitely change the way you use WhatsApp:

1. Support for automatic playing of voice messages

Soom WhatsApp will allow its users to play voice messages in a row. Now users won't have to press play on each message as the next message will play automatically as soon as the first one ends playing. This was seen in WhatsApp Android Beta version 2.19.86.

2. Keep your chats more secure

This feature is already available for iPhone users, it was also seen in testing phase for Android users on beta version 2.19.83. This feature enables users to add a security layer to the app and will open only according to the settings you have made. After enabling it, user can select when the authentication feature should lock the app - Immediately, After 1 minute, After 10 minutes or after 30 minutes.

3. Block the option of taking chat screenshots

The biggest modification that is yet to come to WhatsApp, the instant messaging app will block users to take screenshots of chats, if they enable biometric authentication. Observed in WhatsApp beta version 2.19.106.

4. Find out how often a message has been forwarded

WhatsApp is also working on rolling out a feature that will tell users how often a message has been forwarded. Users can see how many times a message was forwarded in the 'Forwarding Info' tab. Observed in WhatsApp beta version 2.19.97.

5. Alter the way audio files are shared on WhatsApp

Spotted in WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.89, this feature allows users to play the audio files before sharing it. It will also enable them to share 30 audio files at a time.

6. For better 'visibility' - Dark mode

The dark mode observed in WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.87. This mode has been spotted on various windows of the instant messaging app including main settings, account settings, chats settings, notification settings, and data and storage usage settings.

7. Using multiple apps for videos in WhatsApp

This feature enables users to watch videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Streamable even they switch chat without closing the video. It will continue to play these videos even if user goes to another app, just as long as WhatsApp is playing in background.

8. It is easier to open links in Whatsapp

WhatsApp is also said to working on launching an In-App Browser, which will open when the users will try to open a link. This browser is also said to be able to detect if the requested page is not safe to visit. This was seen in WhatsApp Android Beta version 2.19.74.

9. Stickers are improved

Animated stickers that work sort of like GIFs have been been spotted in WhatsApp. These stickers can be included in an existing stickers pack. This feature has allegedly been spotted in all three operating systems -- Android, iOS and Web.

10. Hiding chats becomes easy

WhatsApp will soon enable its users to control whether the chats has to be unarchived when a new message arrives. As of now, when you archive a chat, WhatsApp automatically unarchives it when a new message arrives from that chat.

11. Check creditability of an image if it is fake or real

Seen in WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.73, this feature will enable users search an image on the internet that we shared/received in our chats. Now users can check whether the credibility of news or image.

12. Emojis with more options

WhatsApp will replace current emojis sticker in the doodle picker to make way for their official emojis. So the current emojis we get while sending any image to contact will be replaced by the ones we see on our keyboard.

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