Hyderabad: 'KCR should clear the air over NPR exercise'

Hyderabad: Leaders from different Opposition parties pointed out that unlike other States which passed resolution against CAA-NPR-NRC, the Telangana Assembly in its resolution failed to clear the air over implementation of NPR exercise in the State.

Speaking to media persons, MBT spokesperson Amjedullah Khan described the adoption of resolution in Assembly as an eyewash by the 'crafty' politician like K Chandrashekar Rao, who carefully avoided spelling out what the State government would be doing from April 1 with regard to NPR exercise. "Preparations are afoot to undertake the exercise in the State and the resolution does not mention staying of NPR exercise, which will be taken up along with Census from next month. Unlike other States which adopted similar resolutions, Telangana is yet to clear the air over the apprehensions regarding NPR. Even the Delhi Assembly recently clearly mentioned in its resolution about not undertaking NPR exercise," he said.

The leader pointed out that even the leaders like Akbaruddin Owaisi who grabbed the credit failed to raise the question during his address. He could have asked the Government to put stay on the exercise which was backdoor for National Population Register. "The floor leader was just trying to eulogise KCR rather ponder over the consequences of the half-cooked resolution in the coming days," he added.

Commenting upon Telangana Assembly's Resolution Syed Taraq Quadri, the president of All India Majlis E Inquilab E Millat, in a statement from Virginia(USA) stated that it was "too little and too late." He pointed out that the resolution requested Centre to amend the format but there was "no mention of non-implementing of NPR, which is quite intriguing." Quadri asserted that Telangana Government should make an unequivocal Statement that NPR exercise will not be taken up in Telangana and State Government employees will not be provided for this purpose.

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