Head Down Under to the biggest winter fest

The biggest festival of the southern hemisphere is back again to romanticise your vacay and materialise your daydreams! With travel enthusiasts drooling with wanderlust, Vivid Sydney presents to you an astounding escape. Spanning from May 24 to June 15, the festival is sure to transfigure Sydney into a dreamland. A dreamland where illuminations envelop the night-sky, the visual art installations enliven the landscapes, and the music concerts hijack your senses.

2019 marks the eleventh year for Vivid Sydney and add another honour in the shelf of its timeless legacy. With a rise in the overwhelming anticipation of the fest and a greater number of activities planned for the gala, the stats this year will definitely be off-charts!

Here's a quick sneak-peak into some spellbinding highlights.

Vivid Lights: Imagine a land with gleaming lanterns afloat. Where light is not just the means to see but to express and highlight art. Where each ray reflects the glimmer in your eyes. This is the land of Vivid Lights with countless light shows, projections and installations proudly resting on its crown. Do not miss the Robot Spaceland, guaranteed to transport you to a distant future, a civilization where electro – automative super bots lay the path to a greener and sustainable future. The centrepiece will have the Ecobot (assembled with old cars) who will lead its clan to extract useful metals from electronic metal waste. Other eye-catching installations include the River of Light (where luminescent LED lights replicate the waves), and the Torus, where light and sound expressions playfully shape into patterns mirroring the emotions and vibrations of the spectators!

Vivid Music: Taking over the music zone, music artists from across the oceans come to vibe to the radiating love at Sydney. Our personal favourite is the 'Soda Factory' which provides a platform to emerging artists – featuring Florian, Folk Like Us, Late Nights Bright Lights, and the Purple Rain to give viewers a sense of the evolving music mania in the country. Get ready to join the roar as your chest-thumps to the echo of the encapsulating beats!

Vivid Ideas: Infuse the essence of thought provokers into a mix of leading world issues, and there you have it - Vivid Ideas! Speakers coming in from diverse backgrounds such as technology, film, fashion, and so on will drop in to stir your minds in directions that you have never imagined. Wide-ranging topics, covering unidentified corners like the Dark Web (the evil twin of the internet) to the changing definition of sex technology; Vivid Ideas sure adds another feather to the vivid hat.

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