Prevention is the key

Prevention is the key

A cold during the summer months surely sounds quite bizarre, doesn’t it? It is, in fact, one of the normal summer health issues we face. Here are some...

This year many of my clients have come to me with an overnight cold or a sore throat. We have had a nice long winter, unfortunately, the temperature changed drastically instead of gradually to extreme heat.

Combine this with the rising air pollution may end up leaving you with a sore throat and cold... Sneezing, persistent coughing, a runny nose, chest congestion, an itchy and sore throat are all common symptoms of the summer cold.

These health problems along with the scorching heat may make the summer months feel like a bane.

I always believe that prevention is better than cure and I am constantly harping on the fact that you have to learn that as you change your clothes with a change in weather, you have to change your food too.

The key factor to boost your immune system is eating according to the laws of nature. So, before you think that the only way to cure these illnesses is to visit the doctor and popping pills, let me tell you what I have found in the Indian kitchen.

It is well-equipped to keep you in tip-top shape the year around and if you do succumb to any of the above problems try some of my highly effective and inexpensive home remedies that works wonders.

Lemon: Lemon in the form of its juice or just sucking on a slice every day may be very effective in curing any summer cold. Vitamin C in it is a very powerful antioxidant which helps in combating the germs in your body. So, squeeze it over your salads, daals or simply make a 'nimbu paani' with roasted cumin powder and rock salt.

Ginger: By simply incorporating ginger into your daily life you will make sure you are eliminating the chances of inflammations and infections in your body. So, grate ginger in all your foods and beverages and consume.

Black pepper: It contains capsaicin, which instantly clears your sinus and congestion. So, sprinkle this spice in your daily salads and soups and watch it alleviate your persistent coughs.

Turmeric: Don't follow the West when you are trying to incorporate turmeric into your daily diets by choosing the Turmeric Latte. It is the most common antidote for cold and coughs as it prevents inflammation in the lungs. Make a paste of it with cow's ghee and consume to soothe the throat. You may add pepper and ginger in this paste too.

Tulsi: Just chew on a few leaves of the holy Tulsi plant and see the changes in your breathing. This little leaf relieves your airways from any blockages.

Vitamin C: Raw or ripe the mango is your Vitamin C booster in the summer months automatically pump you with antioxidants.

Gargling with rock salt: Warm water gargles with a tablespoon of rock salt will act as an antiseptic for your persistent coughs and will help get rid of the phlegm in the throat. Gargle morning and evening and see the difference.

Hydration: is key during the summer months. It provides a moist environment for the ear nose and throat helping you to breathe freely. So, keep sipping on my favourite drink throughout the day.

I repeat prevention is the key; so, add on all the above. In your food squeeze lemon, grated ginger, sprinkle pepper, use turmeric, eat the yummy mango and chew on Tulsi leaves daily to keep off summer infections.

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