Shots of health

Shots of health

The world has been working hard to hit it back. We all know prevention is the only way we can protect ourselves and people around us from Coronavirus. ...

The world has been working hard to hit it back. We all know prevention is the only way we can protect ourselves and people around us from Coronavirus.

Social distancing is an important preventive that the people from medical fields and governments are stressing one. Let's abide by these little changes and get past this difficult phase. Stay safe. Meanwhile, let's work on our health. Indulge in these immunity building juices that can be easily made at home.

Turmeric drink

Turmeric aids in making our immunity stronger. The main life-saving ingredient in turmeric is about 3-5 % of Curcumin; a phyto-derivative, which contains healing properties. Curcumin inhibits inflammation, relieves congestion and pain and thus improves your breathing. Turmeric is good antiseptic. It is widely used since ages in India in daily cooking, for wound healing, to cure seasonal ailments like cough, cold or sore throat.


l 1 glass of water,

l Turmeric,

l Black pepper -2,

l Lemon grass -1/4 size leaf,

l Honey - (optional)


l Heat a glass of water along with turmeric (as much as u can take the measure is between 1 pinch to 1/4tsp)

l Add 2 crushed peppers and boil it for 8 minutes,

l Now add a straw of lemon grass and then turn off the flame and cover the bowl with lid for 2 mins.

Serve warm mixed with honey and lemon or as it is. I give it to kids too. Our day starts with this. Hope your day also starts in a healthy way. Stay safe.

Cucumber Lemon juice

Increase your immunity by increasing the intake of vitamin c rich food. Lemons, oranges, gooseberry are few which are rich in vitamin C. Include these in your daily diet. Fresh coconut water, fresh lemon juice, raw vegetables are amazing source of immune-boosting qualities. Cucumbers fight against foreign radicals that enter our body. They are good source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, it is an effective antioxidant and can be found in abundance in cucumbers. Vitamin C helps support and strengthen your immune system, which can help protect your body against infections and bacteria that can lead to sickness. Cucumbers are also known for being a classic cooling food, helping to maintain the body's water balance on hot days. Lemons help in boosting digestion and also have alkalising and detoxifying properties. Cucumbers and lemons also contain fiber and beta-carotene. "Beta carotene is an antioxidant that helps with immunity.


l Strain Cucumber - 1/4 - peeled and finely chopped into pieces,

l Strain Lemon - juice of 1 lemon,

l Strain Sugar, salt or honey as per your choice.

l Strain Water - 1 cup,


l Strain Blend everything together,

l Strain Remove the lemon seeds, do not strain just serve it as it is, it tastes great with the small bites of cucumber that gve the but while sipping the drink.

Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are in season and are available abundantly at a lesser price. These little rubies are miracle immune boosters. Include them in your diet in raw form and enjoy it's benefits.

They are rich in folate, which help lower your risk of infections. Tomatoes as immune booster packs a high dose of antioxidants that protect cells against damage from free radicals, which can compromise your immune system. Tomatoes provide the three major antioxidant vitamins: beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C.


l Ripe juicy tomatoes -2

l lemon juice -1/2tsp,

l Salt or sugar - optional,

l I used honey - 1tsp,

l Water - 1/2 glass


l Blend everything well along with water,

l Strain and serve.

I know it's a bit humid. But please stay away from cold things that might instigate the immune system rupturing its structure. Though we Indians eat and add the immune food in our daily meals, this little preparation will strengthen it more, and having the juice in the early hours gives the best results.

Mint Juice

A strong immune system is always a sign of a healthy lifestyle. If you haven't started already, lets atleast start now by making the right choice of healthy intake. Let children make it a habit to eat good food. One such healthy option is mint juice. Mint is packed with vitamins and essential minerals that help strengthen the immune system and protect against infection. Antioxidant-Rich in carotene and vitamin C, mint protects our body from harmful free radicals and helps clear the body of toxins. Coriander used in the juice is full of antioxidants that demonstrate immune-boosting, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, supports digestion, helps with motion sickness, reduces pain, rich in antioxidants, boosts immune system.


l Coriander - 1bunch - cleaned and chopped,

l Mint leaves - 12 to 15 leaves,

l Ginger - cleaned and gratted - 1tsp,

l Lemon juice - juice of half lemon,

l Salt or sugar as per your taste.

l Water -1 glass


l Grind everything in a blender,

l Strain and serve

Having it early in the morning gives more benefits.

6-Minute Chocolate Cake

This is currently everyone's favourite snack at home. And its so easy and quick, even my kids can make it!


l 1 cup of plain flour

l ¾ tspn of baking powder

l ¾ tspn of soda bicarbonate

l 3 tbspn of cocoa powder

l 100 gms of soft butter

l 3 tbspns of powdered sugar

l 1 tspn of vanilla essence

l 1/2 tin of sweetened condensed milk

l 1 cup of milk

l Mix all ingredients together and pour in a glass dish (approx. 9×9 size)

l Line with non-stick baking paper

l Heat on high in microwave for exactly 6 minutes.

l To make the ganache melt approximately 2 tbspn of chocolate chips in ½ cup of fresh cream in a double boiler.

l Spread over cake once it's done, and sprinkle whatever toppings you like.

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