Body shaming of another kind

Body shaming of another kind
Body shaming of another kind

The concept of body shaming is not new to humanity; it is prevailing from the moment Neanderthals evolved to humans. However, the political...

The concept of body shaming is not new to humanity; it is prevailing from the moment Neanderthals evolved to humans. However, the political correctness in the old world was not rampant and it is pity that this phenomenon of body shaming continues in this century which boasts of leaping forward with it intellectualism.

Body shaming is not just limited to women who are overweight; it is also directed toward underweight girls. Comments like 'Hold on to something, or you will fly away with the wind';

'Hey… do you find your clothes in kids' section'; ' What's up stick'; 'I wish I could donate some fat to you'; 'Did they use you as an example of a skeleton in your biology class', are said in the garb of jest. People who think they have a funny bone and whatever they say will pass off as joke are totally wrong.

One should stop and think that the words directed as banter could be hurtful to people. So much so, that they might slip into depression. Team Womenia spoke to a few young girls, who are underweight and gauged their views about how they feel about such comments and trolls.

K Susila, an MNC employee, poured out her feeling when asked about such kind of treatment. "I have been a victim of body shaming from a very long time; it got worse when I was in college because it started affecting my self-esteem.

I would wake up to comments like 'You should gain more bodyweight'; 'You'll fly away with the wind'; 'Don't they give you food at home? I was not aware of the concept that even thin people can face body shaming.

I tried working out, changed my food patterns until I asked myself why is it not ok to be thin? What is an ideal figure even? Why do I have to let others opinions affect the way I feel about myself? As long as I am healthy and happy I don't think so I have to change the way I am. That was the solution that I found apt for the situation."

G Seleena said that comments like flat screen and many other disturbing statements did affect her. "What do you eat? – Air'; 'if someone hits you hard you will die'. All these comments and many more like them still haunt me.

The fact that I am skinny usually doesn't affect me, but sometimes people commenting negatively about my personality makes me feel like, do I look that bad? There is a feeling that always reminds me that I am not attractive because I am skinny. But still, I live with the fact that yes I am skinny and I love myself for whatever I am."

Relentless body shaming from every quarter of life may make a person to eternally live with low self-esteem. Rucha R, a working professional in media field says, "When I was young, I laughed off when comments started about my weight, but growing up it started to bother me as much as it bothers others when they get body shamed.

People ask me how you are so skinny, do you even eat anything? These statements of insinuation still hurt and make me feel bad about my body and I think that I don't take good care of myself. Outwardly, I smile and move on with life, but there is a part of me that always thinks about such negative comments about my body."

Shining light on the same K Sahithi, student, JNFAU Hyderabad, says, "Body shaming skinny women is actually a very sensitive topic for me because people usually joke it off. People make a joke out of my love for food. They tell things like 'There is no way you love food as much as you say'.

People think twice before saying the word 'Fat', however, the word skinny is just thrown around casually. Body shaming in anyway is wrong. 'You are so skinny you should eat more' people say this all the time and to be honest it is not funny. It makes me feel unhealthy or like you got some sort of problem though I know I am perfectly alright. Giving nicknames 'bones' or 'boney' is not okay.

The other day I was going through Instagram and I saw a meme on the actress Rakul Preet Singh. Because she is into fitness now and looks thinner than before she is being trolled. People try and eat more than their appetite due to such bullying. The same individuals, who say you are perfect, and you have a great body will say that you have no curves and no man would like you. It is not easy being a 'skinny' woman."

People, who are body shamed, are hurt, embarrassed, insulted and sometimes become insecure about the way they look. So, folks let us think about what a person goes through when these kinds of comments are directed towards them regularly. Let's resolve to stop this and start making sense.

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