Time for AP public to arise and awake

Time for AP public to arise and awake

The AP politics has become murkier and murkier as election date has been coming nearer. The leaders are accusing each other and want to politicise...

The AP politics has become murkier and murkier as election date has been coming nearer. The leaders are accusing each other and want to politicise each and every issue to gain political advantage.

This situation is dangerous. In this aspect every party has been playing their cards in one way or other. The Centre is using its forces like CBI, NIA, and IT department to put up cases against prominent leaders and try to weaken their candidature.

The opposition leader Mr Y. Jaganmohan Reddy has been pointing his finger to the AP CM on the murder of his uncle Vivekananda Reddy and in turn Mr Babu raising his finger on Jagan.

The state has been witnessing unprecedented mind games. There is nothing wrong in every party trying to win, but there should be some rules and ethics to be followed. People have been observing all these developments and especially Andhra people are very intelligent and they do things silently.

It is time for people to arise and awake and exercise their franchise with wisdom and see that the mess is cleared. The voters should stop taking money from the candidates and vote freely and fairly and show their mite.

TSN Rao, Bhimavaram

Support the best of the worst

I fully echo the strong views of V Ramu Sarma in his article 'The obnoxious tales of AP politics.' Having been an active follower of politics over last four decades, I had never witnessed such a deprivation of standards as of now.

Democracy, decency, decorum and dignity are the words that look totally outdated in the present context replaced by boorishness, lies and utter lies. Each leader is projecting his opponent as a demon and an evil-incarnate in the filthiest manner possible.

The YSRCP made a high drama about the knife attack on its leader at the airport blaming TDP. A nick was made to look like a murder attempt. However, it didn't cut any ice though a specialist agency like NIA was roped in at the behest of the centre.

Finally the NIA endorsed the report of the state police in which the opposition leader Jagan professes lack of faith time and again. Thus the so called murder attempt turned into a hoax. The scandal of data theft also died down in a couple of days.

The murder of Vivekananda Reddy was unabashedly used by both sides for political scores. The YSRCP outright blamed AP CM Naidu and his son Lokesh for the murder. Naidu garbed the role of a cop and started elaborating on the murder scene in minute detail ignoring that such irresponsibility would impair the process of fair enquiry.

Nobody seemed bothered about the dead man or the feelings of his immediate family. The writer had given a call to arise and awake to exercise the franchise with wisdom. But what is the choice when all the apples in the basket are rotten? May be one is forced to select/elect the less rotten ones.

Vinay Bhushan Bhagwaty, Hyderabad

A close look at AP's achievements

It is election time all the people in Andhra Pradesh must exercise care and intelligence. They must recollect the performance of TDP Government over the past five years. They should recollect the points of performance before they decide whom to vote.

A few points of performance of TDP government is given below:

1. Inaction by government on manhandling of a lady revenue officer for her catching an MLA stealing sand and supporting that MLA, thus promoting sand mafia.

2. Enquiry report on incident in Godavari Pushkarams to save AP, CM and burying the root cause and preparing the report to CM's convince

3. Drowning of unlicensed launch and saving the culprits

4. Amassing wealth from Agri Gold case and protecting the culprits

5. Murder attempt on opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy

6. Murder of saint-like Vivekananda Reddy

7. 2 per cent performance and 200 per cent publicity

8. Highlighting of this poor performance by yellow media

All the voters must exercise care while choosing their leader so that they can get continually developing state rather than chaos in governance.

C Sambasiva Rao, Hyderabad

We are mute spectators

The Indian political scene during the elections time is full of dirty games and the scene has assumed awkward heights in Andhra & Telangana states. No one knows who is with which party and who is contesting on which symbol.

The unethical politicians jumping like frogs from pond from one party in to another and again re-joining the parent party within 24 hours, this a real comedy of errors(blunders) carried out by all opportunistic and power mongering politicians.

The 3-parties that are fighting the elections are following the same method, the so called ethics, morals and even minimum decency left to wind by the contesting parties and the elected and non elected politicians.

There is a virtual chess game going on during the time of elections. The hopeless party congress is almost emptied with the large scale defections of senior politicians and the TRS party is which is in power is a centre of attraction to all the opportunistic politicians ,whoever may come they are invited with the change of tailored made small neck fabric with party symbol , no change of heart, only in accepting the fabric.

What a fall !All values, morals have been buried fathoms deep, we the common people have no option except watching mutely their crooked feats.

In India in general and in AP and Telangana in particular, the politics degraded to abysmal low levels, no one has any sense of shame. Strangely, defection and corruption which are complementary to each other in contemporary politics are two issues which political parties would rather talk about than root out.

Dissidence where ever a party in power is today the fastest growing industry in the country. Most dissidence however is conducted in an unimaginative and self-seeking fashion.

I stopped wondering and hating Andhra and Telangana power politics (polytrics)and started enjoying it or else I myself may get caught in the dirty web of wily and laughable routine happenings.

Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

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