Tirupati: Junior colleges faculty looks eagerly for transfers

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  • Principals and lecturers have submitted several pleas to successive State govts during the last 3 years
  • Those who have completed 5 years of service at the same place are eligible for transfers
  • Govt initiates counselling process for teachers’ transfers but it is so far silent on lecturers’ transfers
  • There are about 1,700 regular faculty and 4,000 plus contract lecturers and many of them are eligible for transfers

Tirupati: The junior lecturers and Principals working in government junior colleges in the State have been desperately waiting for transfers. The representations submitted by them to the government in this regard have gone into deaf ears for over three years. Though the government initiated counselling process for teachers, it was silent on lecturers' transfers.

The transfer process took place for junior college faculty three years ago in which several lecturers did not get opportunity due to various reasons like non-fulfilment of eligibility criteria by them. They need five years service at the same place to become eligible for transfers. Those who have not completed this criteria were not considered then.

Now, many lecturers who completed five years to eight years service at the same place are desperate to shift to other places and are awaiting an opportunity. However, the government is yet to consider their plea. Many lecturers are working at rural places, continuing their service there and are facing various problems. They want to move to urban areas after working in rural areas for sufficient time.

One lecturer said that the problem was so severe. "Those working in Agency areas and in remote areas could not get proper water too and they have been suffering from health and family problems. The transfers' process has to be held every year but the previous government as well as the present regime, are showing apathy in considering it," he lamented.

The lecturers fear that if the transfers are not held now, it will take more time later as panchayat election code will come followed by census during which nothing can be done. There are about 1,700 regular faculty and 4,000 plus contract lecturers and many of them are eligible for transfers.

The general secretary of Government Junior Lecturers Association V Ravi told The Hans India that they have been pursuing the issue with the government. The file is now under the Chief Minister's consideration and a favourable decision may come very soon. Around 1,000 faculty may get benefitted from this process. However, they have been demanding a physical counselling process and not web-based one, he pointed out.

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