TDP is all for T State, but address key issues: Naidu

TDP is all for T State, but  address key issues: Naidu

TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday charged the Central government with trying to destroy the Telugu Jati for “its narrow political...

  • Cong’s thoughtless acts wreaking havoc in State
  • If in power, I would’ve solved T issue in 6 months
  • Telugu Desam firmly in favour of Telangana State
  • There is no question of changing its stance: Naidu
  • Address concerns of Seemandhra before T process

Hyderabad: TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday charged the Central government with trying to destroy the Telugu Jati for “its narrow political gains.” Naidu claimed that if he were in power, he would have solved the contentious issue of Telangana in six months time. “If you have the right intention, solution is not a problem,” Naidu said. In an exclusive interview to HMTV and The Hans India, Naidu said the Congress had ruined the economy of the country and was deep rooted in corruption and at the State-level it had conspired to destroy the Telugu people with its thoughtless acts.

Naidu said these would be the issues he would explain to the people during hisTelugu Atmagauravam (Telugu self-respect) bus yatra scheduled to begin on September 1. Naidu said he would tell the people that the TDP did everything to take the State forward in all respects and had given a place of pride to the city of Hyderabad during his nine-year rule. He had developed Cyberabad and created infrastructure facilities for sports, and the city became a knowledge and educational hub which resulted in large scale employment generation.

But ever since Congress party came to power, it had indulged in corruption and as a result of its actions, IAS officers and industrialists had to go to jail. The State had suffered on all counts. Development had taken a backseat all systems were destroyed and now the Centre for narrow political gains had created new problems in the state. With elections just eight months away, the Congress which is in bad shape has complicated a sensitive issue for the sake of seats and votes, he said.

To a query, Naidu said the Congress party General Secretary in charge of Andhra Pradesh, Digvijay Singh, behaved as if he was the government and instead of saying that the party had in-principle agreed to divide the State, he went on giving the timeline and also said that TRS would merge and spoke of Congress DNA in Jagan. He said that during his bus yatra he would explain all these issues to the people.

Asked if that meant that Naidu was changing his stand on Telangana issue, he said that it was not correct. He said he made it clear that the party was in favour of separate Telangana.

But even before a family gets divided all details of who would get what and how to share the assets are worked out in detail. In this case too, a scientific approach should have been adopted. But that did not happen and it resulted in people from Seemandhra coming on to roads and are agitating for past 31 days. There is no government in the state ever since CWC made the announcement. The Congress party is only bothered about transfer of votes to it from YSRCP and TRS and not the welfare of the people, he said.

In reply to another question, Naidu refused to accept that the TDP had failed to gauge the mood of people of Seemandhra before giving the letter in favour of Telangana. If the Congress had spoken to the stake-holders and worked out the details such problem would not have arisen but it raked up passions in Seemandhra by making one sided announcement, he said.

When asked if all the political parties had failed to consider the aspirations of the people of Seemandhra before giving their letter of consent on Telangana, Naidu said it was not so. The main responsibility to move forward on what the opposition parties said is on the ruling party. It was they who claimed that T would be a reality only by Congress and not any other party. He said the TDP had opposed legislative council but centre did not agree, we opposed many policies of the centre but they did not bother to listen to what we said. But in case of Telangana now they are blaming TDP, he added.

Asked what could be the solution to the problem, he said the Government should find solution to the problem by making both sides sit across the table and sort out the imbroglio. He said he was not aspiring for the Chief Minister post. “I will work for people till last my last breath,” he said.

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