Only 50% of govt schools in Hyderabad have toilets

Only 50% of govt schools in Hyderabad have toilets

Only 50% of Govt Schools in Hyderabad Have Toilets, No Water Supply. Government Schools in Hyderabad. There are 876 government schools in Hyderabad out of which 50 per cent do not have toilets. Some 404 schools are in dire need for proper sanitation facilities.

Even existing ones are dysfunctional because there is no water supply.

• Of the 404 schools that got permission to build toilets, work is stalled in most schools.

• Work on 160 toilets still not started

• Contractors not interested, cite Rs 45,000 too low for a unit of one WC and 2-3 urinals

• Government calls for tenders for the second time

There are 876 government schools in Hyderabad out of which 50 per cent do not have toilets. Some 404 schools are in dire need for proper sanitation facilities.

Out of the 2,452 toilets approved for construction in the state by the Government of India, 2264 are grounded and 452 are in different stages of construction. But work on 188 has not yet started. What is alarming is 160 of the 188 toilets not taken up for construction are in Hyderabad.

One of the reasons for the slow progress of construction is the low base price set by the government. K Venkateshwara Rao, Chief Engineer, RVMSSA, says, “In many schools work did not start due to property litigations and pending cases. Second, it is difficult to get contractors as the amount sanctioned by the central government per unit of toilet is Rs 45,000 (that too after raising it from Rs 35,000 last year). Contractors are not interested to take up small projects.”

Headmasters blame it on lack of funds for the sorry state of toilets. Gangamma, head of school, Central Primary School, Yapral, says, “The government has instructed us to use Rs 500 per month from the maintenance fund. The amount does not suffice even for three days.” While headmasters rue the lack of funds, many have not utilised the amount allotted. Rs 48.68 lakh was returned to the treasury by the schools in Hyderabad in 2012-13.

Dr B Subbarayudu, district project officer, Hyderabad, RVMSSA, said, “We agree that the funds allotted are insufficient but the headmasters can make use of whatever amount is given.”

Contractors not interested

The government has called for tenders the second time this year due to the lukewarm response in the first round.

Even the revised amount of Rs 45,000 per unit (a unit consists of one WC and two to three urinals) is considered too less an amount by contractors, says an official at Rajiv Vidya Mission. However, even after constructing toilets, due to lack of water supply many become dysfunctional. Y Rajendra Prasad, coordinator, M V Foundation, says, “The situation must have worsened this year as the work has almost come to a halt. We undertook the survey in 1,022 schools in GHMC limits in 2012 with parameters such as walls, doors, toilet seats and availability of water. There is hardly any school that has a complete functional toilet.”

According to the M V Foundation survey in 2012, about 40 per cent of the schools did not have drinking water facility and 30 per cent of the toilets are damaged. Multiple schools operating from the same complex due to closure of schools is also proving to be a problem.

Two toilet blocks (3 urinals and 3 toilets constitute a toilet block) are needed for a high school but a majority of the high schools are without proper toilets.

We suggest people raise their voice on the issue. They may share their observations, findings or indignation, with pictures wherever available, to drive the message home. Responses may be sent to [email protected]

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