Deviating from the trend followed by Tollywood industry, Love Dot Com hit the silver screens across the state on Saturday. This love story cum youth entertainer is aimed at cashing in on the Valentines Day mood. This movie is like old wine in a new bottle. The story reminds us of Naresh, Purnima’s Sreevariki Prema Lekha as the theme of the movie is more or less the same.


The Production Team:


Cast            : Niti Taylor, Aarya Sandeep

Director     : Raja Vannem Reddy

Music         : Chakri

Producer   : CHV Brinda Reddy

Genre         : Youth Entertainer/Love/Romance

Story: The film, starring Niti Taylor and Arya Sandeep, revolves around a young guy named Surya, who falls in love with a girl whom he meets at a wedding. However, the girl rejects his proposal saying that she's already engaged to someone. When his parents force him into an arranged marriage, Surya is shocked to know that the girl is none other than the girl whom he met at the wedding! Raja Vannem Reddy, who had earlier made films like Kshemanga Velli Labhamga Randi, focuses on how youngsters perceive the concept of relationships and marriage today. 



The movie turns out to be a good youth entertainer with good stuff. It is not fair to disclose the complete story of the movie. However, we give the positive and negative aspects that will help you decide whether to watch the movie or not.

Positive Aspects:







Negative Aspects:


Action sequence