Pretty actress Tamannaah has reportedly dropped the plan to do an action-centric film, although, she initially liked the idea of becoming an angry-young-girl on screen. “She doesn’t want to do an action role at this point of time,” says a source, close to the actress and adds “She has big films opposite Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh on hand and likes to focus on them than taking time off for a female-centric film.” 

Actually, she has given a nod to a big film being produced by an NRI to be shot entirely in picturesque Malaysia which was billed as a slam-bang action movie to be made by a young team. After impressing as a fiery tribal girl in ‘Baahubali’, the actress wanted to do a full-fledged anger-driven role to change her glam prop image but now seems to have developed second thoughts because her last release ‘Naa Nuvve’ tanked at the box-office. 

“She wanted to do different kinds of roles, but she is getting author-backed roles only now. So, she is choosing the best among them. Her doing the remake of Hindi film ‘Queen’ is a step towards a new career,” the source adds. Actually, Tammanah who played a glam prop roles in some big ticket films like ‘Nayak, ‘Rebel’ and ‘Sketch’, probably wanted to shed the cute girl image and looked tougher and independent.

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