7 Foods that make you stink

7 Foods that make you stink

From time immemorial humans have been obsesses with smelling nice. There is evidence that the Egyptian queens went to a great length to

From time immemorial humans have been obsessed with smelling nice. There is evidence that the Egyptian queens went to a great length to smell pleasant. However, we are what we eat and we are becoming a civilization possessed with hiding what we are. The perfume, deodorants and fresh mint industry has steadily grown over the years and continues to do so.

Body odour tops the list when it comes to the biggest factor to make a social interaction go sour. Some blame it on the metabolism of an individual’s body others readily agree that certain foods lead to bad body odour. Find here a list of 7 types of food which have known to cause body odour.

1. Over Spicy food

Food loaded with spices leads to the intake of sulfur and that gets emitted from the body pores and through bad breath. Eating food that has a fine balance of onions, garlic and chilies will save you from an embarrassing moment or a date gone bad.

2. Consuming red meat

The body takes the maximum time to break down red meat. When somebody over eats, it lead to sweating and odour, as the body is already in an overload trying to break the proteins down. Vegetarians please do not break into a smile yet, as excess intake of fenugreek and other strong smelling plants can get you into the same trouble.

3. Drinking

If you like to binge on soda, tea, coffee, alcohol and chocolates then be sure to notice crooked smiles from people around you, next time you are busy hogging. Reports have proven that at least ten percent of these goodies are let off from the human body in the form of sweat.

4. Junk Food

Intake of junk food in excess and no exercise routine leads to the accumulation of fats inside the cells. These fatty cells will lead to symptoms like excessive sweating and body odour. Unhealthy food takes long to get digested and stays in the stomach for a long time, leading to bad breath. Foods that are rich in refined oil, flour, sugar should be consumed in a limit only.

5. Low carbohydrate diet

A diet that contains very little carbs or no carbs at all leads to excessive sweating in the body. The body works over time by breaking down the protein to supply energy to the body. It produces chemical called ketones that are responsible for the bad odour.

6. Dairy and Milk products

Dairy and lactose rich products are rich in proteins and excess consumption of them will put pressure on the stomach. When consumed in high levels it leads to the production of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, which act as a trigger for the bad smell.

7. Smoking

It is a universal fact that smokers smell the most. Cigarette smoke mingles with the sweat producing glands to produce a unique “smokers” smell. It lingers on to the hands, clothes and hair. Quit smoking not just to get rid of the smell to have a longer life too.

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