Pageant winner Haneesha hanee stripped of her title after her drinking video goes viral
Pageant winner Haneesha hanee stripped of her title after her drinking video goes viral

Well, - another day for a pageant winner it's another sanctimonious social media user out there trying ruin it for the rest of us. Today's victim? Haneesya Hanee, the ( now former) winner of Dewi Remaja, a magazine beauty contest, who had the misfortune of having her night out recorded, and then posted to social media, by an unscrupulous friend.

After a week of social media comments, reactions, and shares of a short clip showing someone who certainly bared a strong resemblance to Dewi Remaja winner, Haneesya - a Muslim, whose full name is Sharifah Haneesya Sayed Sahlan- admitted yesterday that it was indeed her. she also pleaded with the public to not blame her mother, saying that she was fully responsible for her own actions that night.

The contest owners Nu Ideaktiv had said yesterday via instagram that they were taking the allegations very seriously.

It appears that they have come to their final decision: Haneesya was no longer fit to wear the crown as she was not an appropriate role model, in spite of championing her dark skin in a sea whitening creams throughout the competition.

Malyasia's recent shift towards a more conservative brand islam is apparent not only in the overwhelming reaction from social media users who condemned Haneesya's acrtions based on their religious beliefs, but also in the fact that inlike yesteryear, muslims are no longer allowed to appear in alcohol ads

Technically, Muslims are not allowed to buy alcohol, nor are they permitted to be in clubs, However, in practice this is rarely enforced: Kulalupur clubs are filled with Malaysians of all races and religions ( at least the good ones are) and you will be hard pressed to find someone to stop you from ordering that bad idea aka, a Flaming Lamborghini.

# Its not her fault, it's mine. i failed to guide her - Haneesya's mother. Has seek apology on behalf of her daughter who stripped up a heated controversy after her drinking  video went viral on social media.

she said please forgive her, and please stop publicly shaming her. she is a good daughter, she added.

The single mother also asked for society to give them both time and space to fix their mistakes. she was thankful to the supporters and the family family members for undying support despite the controversy.

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