Of locality names and Statues in Telangana

Of locality names and Statues in Telangana

Of Locality Names And Statues In Telangana. These are some of the names of the localities that we have in our twin cities. These names appears to have...

Domul Guda...(దోమల గూడా)
Dhool Peta...(ధూల్ పేట్)
Bora Banda...
Erra Gadda

These are some of the names of the localities that we have in our twin cities. These names appears to have been transformed into their current state and spelling over the years. While one needs to re-search the historical significance, if any, available for these places with any original names given to them, it is obvious that our twin cities need to have better names.

We had enough of the locations named after local or state or national political leaders. We need to do a thorough study of these names and come out with a process whereby the residents of the areas can choose a better name that has got meaning.

Needless to say that India is blessed with deep spiritual significance attached to each name that we give to our child, place and even a shrine - Yadagiri (now Yadadri), Indrakeeladri, Venkataadri, Shreeshailam, etc. India is the only country that has the unique way of naming a child or a place. Keeping this vedic tradition in view we need to review the names and remove all the names of the political leaders and come out with more meaningful and apt names signifying the uniqueness/ history, if any, of that place. We can certainly leverage Information Technology for this and it is sure that people would love to participate in this with keen interest.

Similarly we need to review, rationalize and remove the statues installed in the city at various places. We too look at many of these statues with some sort of inconvenience as they are either installed with such poor quality in all aspects or the place actually block the already congested roads. It is high time that we shall not bother about the so called sentiments of the political fans and remove majority of them for ever. This culture of installing statues show case our poor civic sense and ignorance. We shall demonstrate our highest civic standards, ancient wisdom and traditions in all respects in changing our twin cities into a model Indian City respecting Mother Nature in the highest possible manner.

We had enough political promises and practices that had reduced our city into a garbage bin. The best example is the recently concluded Plenary of TRS. Many plastic flags have been fluttering indicating their victory over biodegradable flags. Many huge cutouts have been put up using precious money (whether it is public or private it is abused in public). These flats, cutouts, banners, flex-boards, etc will fall down with a blow of powerful wind and vehicles pass on them people walk on them and they get spread in the city and some will block drainage flow. This is our wisdom.

As long as the leaders love to see their larger than their original size pictures all over the places they rule the naming spree and the statue installations will go unabated.

By Dr. IVNS Raju

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