Sachin's emotional moment: When Tendulkar cried


Sachin Tendulkar's Emotional Moment: When Tendulkar Cried. November 23 is the birth anniversary of Shri Sathya Saibaba. Way back in 2011 on April 24,...

November 23 is the birth anniversary of Shri Sathya Saibaba. Way back in 2011 on April 24, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar lost the physical presence of his divine master Baba. This was a bolt from the blue for this great cricketer for he used to seek solace from his Guru in times of his crisis.

This was an unforeseen, unfortunate incident that left a deep pain in his life. Incidentally, that day happened to be Sachin's birthday. Soon as he learnt that his master was no more, he refused to celebrate his birthday. He finished his match and rushed to Puttaparthy to pay his last respects to the departed soul. That was the day one got to see the emotional side of the little master. Sachin wept uncontrollably unable to bear the physical separation from his guru.

The touching scene was telecast live in all media channels. There were also reports that Sachin was not himself after he learnt of his Guru's death and that he confined himself to his hotel room. Reportedly, a Do Not Disturb sign hung on the door of his room. This reflects how much Sachin was attached to his mentor.

Sachin Tendulkar's Emotional Moment: When Tendulkar Cried

"Do not look at the bowler, look at the ball was the advice given to him by his master when Sachin said he felt nervous when facing gigantic bowlers hurling fast deliveries at him. What Sachin created at Sharjah after this advice was history. He went on to score century after centuries carrying the burden of his team on his shoulders. One can conclude from this that nothing can get fructified without divine intervention.
Cricketing greats like Sunil Gavasker, G.R.Vishwanath, Rahul Dravid, V V S Lakshman, E A S Prasanna used to be frequent visitors at Baba's ashram for a divine tip or two which probably moulded their careers too. That Sachin was god-fearing and grateful was proved by the fact that he went back to the 22-yards pitch at the Wankhede Stadium for thanksgiving. He was seen praying at the pitch for almost a minute, a rare gesture that was captured by the lens men.
Sachin in an interview to a TV channel post retirement also said that it was God's will. "You can't plan this kind of things, it's a script written from up above," admitted Sachin talking of his decision to retire. "Above all, I want to thank the Almighty because it was his script." That is what makes him Sachin, the star who's so humble and grounded.
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